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Change the Way Users Experience Your Website

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A child’s thirst for knowledge is boundless. At a young age, they are like information vampires. Always asking questions like, “why is the sky blue?” or “where does the sun sleep?” Always innocent and funny, children are curious about almost everything. Have you ever been in a kindergarten classroom? Notice how colorful and bright classrooms are? Teachers would always do their best to make ways for their students to understand and learn better and easier. Glow-in-the-dark globes with cartoon characters to help with geography. Skeleton models with sunglasses for anatomy. Field trips and film showing events to help with history and current events.

These are all “fun” ways of learning. Making it fun for the students enhance their learning experience. It helps leash boredom and sleepiness at bay, keeping interest alive and kicking. Once it is enhanced, learning is easier, faster, and more comprehensive.

Like teachers, good web designers and developers also do their best to enhance a user’s website experience. Providing good user experience enhances the chances of them coming back, which we all know is good for business. Even if majority of site users aren’t kids, making it a more “fun” website still brings in the points.

Here are a couple of simple tips on how to put some fun in your websites.

Smart use of images

Pictures add emotion and personality to a webpage without overly adding to loading time and clutter. Written media such as newspapers, books, newsletters, brochures, all benefit from the use of images – especially if they are fun and creative.

A boring veterinary website might liven up by putting in cute pictures of pets and animals. A “Contact Us” page would probably look better with images that highlight its content like phone or message icons.

Raising the bar on content creativity

If you’re familiar with the fundamentals of web design, you must have heard about the discussions about content vs. looks. I’ve always believed that content is king. But there are times that boring content, is, well… Boring. And, boring is not good.

An “About Us” page can start off like…

“Why, hello there little ones. Lean back and relax as we tell you a story about our kick-ass company…”

… instead of the usual…

“Our company was founded by Mr. John Smith on 1985…”

404 pages can also benefit from this. Instead of the usual 404 “page cannot be found” message, you can try putting in something funny like “the page you were looking for was probably eaten by our cute puppy.”

Enhancing interaction

Interaction between websites and its users help improve how people relate to the website. Google does a great job on promoting events in history. As of this writing, Google is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Grimm’s fairy tales. What Google did was they replaced the all-famous Google logo with an interactive slideshow of images from Grimm’s famous fairy tales. There was also a time when Google put up an interactive piano where you can play music with.

As soon as you enhance your website with creative content and interactive mini-games or web apps, they are bound to make extra clicks and stay on your website longer. I’m pretty sure you’ll be clicking on your own website as well!