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PrimeView provides basic visibility for your business to have an internet presence in the form of one of two online methods of website optimization, Social Media Optimization (SMO).

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Definition of Social Media


PrimeView can use social media marketing as a part of an overall search engine marketing strategy to help your website reach and engage with many people and potential customers. It is a very powerful way to grow and influence your audience.

Whether your goal is to establish a business identity, stimulate conversation about your product or service or generate revenue, our Arizona social media marketing team will work with you to decide what type of social media marketing would suit you best.


PrimeView will utilize its experience with social networking and social sharing linking strategies to help your company receive extensive exposure, driving overall sales to the next level. These networks include but are not limited to websites like Facebook, YouTube, del.icio.us, and LinkIn.

Through social networking and social sharing sites, companies are able to better reach and engage potential and current customers, build and maintain a company brand and strategy, generate leads, and respond to client feedback.

Example of Social Media Marketing
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Measuring Social Media Buzz

Measuring social media buzz is not and should not be limited to tracking of blogs. Review activity for public sentiment, including negative and neutral commentary. Observe trends in responses and ultimately, behavior. This allows for a clear view of where to concentrate activity, at what level, and with what voice across marketing, sales, service, and PR.
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Building Your Social Media Channels

To build strong social media channels one should utilize tools like RSS feeds, information sharing buttons, polling tools, videos and images to help the content travel through social media.
Icons of Top Social Media Platforms

Set-up and Maintain Social Media Accounts (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

User-generated content channels – determine your most influential channels and maintain your presence by creating an account and engaging in conversation on topics related to your site as well as brand-related issues.
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Feeding The Network

Content strategies that work and maintenance of the network, via delivery of the content
Social Media builds Buzz

Building Your Buzz

Online PR, Bloggers’ Reviews, Submit Blogs to distribution channels, Social Media Distribution targeted directly channels (100 to 1000 viewers)

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At PrimeView, our team of Arizona web design and development professionals really love what we do. It gives us a great sense of pride to see our client’s businesses reap the rewards of our efforts. An exquisite, stunning website combined with our digital marketing services can take your company to the top. Why not contact us today and talk to us about your business!

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