Our advanced e-commerce marketing solutions are customized to fit your specific business needs. From raising awareness about product offerings to driving sales and optimizing the user experience, these are indispensable components of our strategy.

An effective e-commerce strategy needs to make use of multiple marketing tactics. We’ll build an e-commerce marketing plan using a combination of SEO, PPC, social, and email to reach the right audience for your business.

eCommerce SEO

If you want to get more targeted traffic from search and turn that traffic into customers, then you need to have a serious and carefully planned ecommerce SEO campaign. SEO for any type of website involves all aspects of a business’s online presence including web design, social media, content marketing, and other techniques. However, SEO for eCommerce needs more work.

eCommerce SEO starts with doing keyword research. But here is where eCommerce presents some difficulties. If you have hundreds or thousands of products, the range of keywords that need to be used in your campaign will be much larger. PrimeView uses advanced tools and extensive research to find the best keywords to reach your target market. The ones that will increase traffic to your site and boost leads and conversions.

eCommerce Pay per Click (PPC) advertising

A properly designed PPC campaign can get your products or services in front of a targeted audience resulting in more traffic and conversions for your online store. However, each time your PPC ad is clicked on, it costs you money. So, you need to know what you are doing or you can be wasting your online store’s hard-earned dollars.

A Pay Per Click ad campaign requires researching the right keywords that will attract consumers. The ones that are most likely to purchase your products or services. Budget planning and strategic bidding are necessary to make your campaign financially worthwhile. Your industry and the competitiveness of your target keywords will significantly affect the cost and performance of your PPC campaigns.

PrimeView has years of experience with PPC like Google AdWords. We know how to use a PPC campaign to maximize ROI and promote your online brand, products and, categories. We will optimize your store for conversions before you pay for traffic. But when that reaches a certain level and you want to go higher, then we can implement PPC to keep you ranked above your competitors.

Email marketing for ecommerce

Email marketing can deliver a great ROI for eCommerce marketing. Building an email list and using it should be part of every digital marketing campaign, PPC or otherwise. PrimeView creates personalized emails that build trust with your existing and potential customers. Also, eCommerce newsletters that complement your brand and convert subscribers into customers are also used.

Social media marketing

PrimeView can use social media as part of your Ecommerce marketing strategy, to help your website reach a variety of clients throughout the World Wide Web. We can help you establish a business identity, stimulate conversation about your product or service and generate revenue. Our Arizona Internet marketing team will work with you to decide what type of social media marketing for your online store will produce the best results.

Excellent ecommerce design and marketing

If you want an ecommerce website that will stand out from the competition and sustainable ecommerce success, you have come to the right place. At PrimeView, we believe that digital presence is not just about design — it’s about creating and establishing a strong brand identity and making sure that your customers respond positively to it.

With over 26 years in the business and numerous web design awards, we are adept at creating and marketing ecommerce websites that are designed with your customers’ needs and your success in mind.

We cater to businesses of any size and have worked with both startup companies and huge Fortune 500 companies. Contact us today at 480-800-4668 to learn more about our ecommerce website design and marketing services or to request a free quote.