Designing and developing an award-winning website requires a thought-out online strategy. Our savvy design team focuses on reaching your business goals: from attracting visitors to buy products to getting the public to understand your brand.

Building a website that delivers results involves many skilled people and steps along the way. We will assign one contact person to manage the project to communicate with you and provide updates and get feedback from you.

Following is a basic outline of the process involved.

Project Definition

Creation of the Project Brief

We will send you an Intake Form to provide the basic information about your project:

  • Project summary
  • Goals – objectives
  • Target audiences
  • Features required
  • Competition/Sample Sites

Then we will have meetings to clarify and verify your information and the vision you have for your website before proceeding. Defining objectives in web design and development is the key to success. Be clear what your goals are.

Based on this we create the project brief, which outlines the requirements and scope for your new website. It also gives an overview of the project goals and the functionality needed to reach those goals. This document will then be shared with all the people involved in creating your site to make sure everyone understands how you see the website you want to build.

Project Scope

Creation of deliverables

We document deliverables, which are the significant elements of your website design and its phases. We use these to organize the workflow and authorize approval to move to the next stage of the web design process.

These are organized in a “Work Breakdown Schedule” after which there will be meetings to verify deliverables and items on the WBS. With our TeamWork project tool, we create time and cost estimates and milestones.

Wireframes and site architecture

After design meetings, the next step is to make simple wireframes of the size and placement of page elements, site features, conversion areas and navigation for your website. Without any graphic design or branding elements, they visually define the information architecture of the elements based on user needs.

Wireframes prototypes are then uploaded using the Invision app, which allows our team to collaborate, experiment, and test different designs. You can then review a number of design examples and approve the one that you love the most.

Visual Design

Based on the approved wireframe we create up to 3 full mockups in preparation for development.

Site Development

The visual design is converted into a staging website that won’t be seen publicly until content is uploaded, quality assurance is completed, and all elements have your approval.

Quality Assurance and Client Acceptance

Once the product is turned over by our developers, it goes through a 2-step quality verification using QA standards in web development. Then it is presented to you for acceptance.


Your website is launched. Break out a bottle of champagne and celebrate – but be prepared to handle all the new leads your business will be getting!

Site Maintenance 

We will provide ongoing site maintenance for a period of time to ensure everything is working to your satisfaction. See Website Maintenance to learn about our maintenance plans.