How to use eBooks for Lead Generation

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: March 6th, 2017 | Updated: September 16th, 2022

Use eBooks for Lead GenerationEvery business is looking for new ways to pump new life into their lead generation tactics, unaware that one of the best strategies is right under their nose. Everyone creates content for websites, but have you thought about publishing an eBook?

eBooks are one of the most powerful lead generation strategies there is. They help attract potential customers and persuade them to register to a mailing list, making eBooks an extremely useful lead generation resource.

What exactly are eBooks?

eBooks are long-form pieces of content, a digital book per say, that goes into detail about a specific topic. They are accessible through desktops, tablets or smartphones, so the ideal format is a PDF, slideshow, or app.

The structure of an eBook is inherently like a book. However, it’s much shorter and visually appealing with images, graphs, diagrams, lists, and so on. Though shorter in length, the content is still as in-depth and extensive as a 500-word hardbound. But as we have short attention spans, the design and layout are prioritized just as much as the actual content since it helps readers absorb the content with ease.

How do eBooks work as a lead generator?

Think of your last trip to the grocery store; you will always come across stands that offer product samples to try, huge discounts, or bundled goodies. Little do you know that those are marketing tactics intended to persuade customers into making a purchase.

Taste tests and lower prices are ways to gain customer trust. By offering products at a discounted rate, brands convey that they have valuable goods to offer and are willing to give freebies and slash off prices just to prove it. Whether you’re selling products or services, you can use the same strategy by utilizing eBooks as a sample of your wares, or as a gateway entry into what you really have to offer.

How do eBooks help your business?

Not only can businesses control the information shared in their eBooks, but they can also define the tone. People are overwhelmed by online advertisements these days, and the traditional lead generation resources seem to be delivering less return on investment. Customers resist hard selling, especially when they feel like it’s too prowling. eBooks offer perceptive marketing that essentially allows clients to find you, instead of you finding them.

How eBooks generate leads

You spend weeks and possibly months creating an eBook. You slaved over the copy and gave the design your all. You upload it to your website, yet no one downloads it. What gives?

If you’re using eBooks to generate leads, here is how you can see results:

1. Identify your audience

You would be surprised to know as to how many businesses have a seemingly clear vision of their brand without determining their target audience. If you don’t know who your target audience is, then how did write an entire book for them? The solution is to create a buyer persona. Your buyer persona will list everything there is to know about your ideal market, and it will typically include demographics, goals and challenges, hobbies and interests, objectives, and keywords.

2. Promote, promote, promote

Failing to promote your eBook is the biggest mistake you can make. If you expect people to just stumble upon your eBook without giving it the promotion it needs, then you may as well scratch your eBook and look for other lead generation tactics.

Like the developing process, you need to exert the same or double the amount of effort into promoting your eBook. Most people immediately think of social media, emailing, blogging, and paid amplification, but after you’ve exhausted your usual promotional strategies, what do you do for further, more effective promotions? The solution is to do outreach for your eBook.

An efficient outreach strategy is the next step towards maximizing your eBook’s online visibility. Outreach is focused on utilizing different channels and working with influencers within your industry to help you give your content the push it needs. This can include:

  • Publishing on an eBook marketing platform
  • Sending out a press release
  • Writing guest posts for high-traffic bloggers
  • Working with influencers who write about similar subjects to share the eBook

It’s crucial that you only target influencers who have the same audience as you. Platforms such as BuzzSumo are effective in helping you search, analyze, and connect with the right influencers who can help you promote your eBook.

3. Ensure that your landing page is easy to find

The landing page is the vital gateway to your eBook and the reason why you’re generating leads in the first place. So you need to make sure that (1) people can find it, (2) it’s enticing enough for people to fill out their details.

Optimizing your landing page is an essential step in making sure that you have everything prepared for a guaranteed download. Following these critical tips are some of the surefire ways to make it easier to optimize your eBook’s landing page:

  • Use the keywords of your eBook in the headline, meta description, URL, and in the intro copy.
  • Write a brief summary of the contents of your eBook.
  • Attach an image or two of your eBook.
  • Add bullets and lists to highlight your eBook’s benefits.
  • Avoid using too many links and remove the navigation bar.
  • Avoid asking for more contact information than you actually need in the form.

Once you’ve properly optimized your landing page, your audience can omit the need to search high and low to find what they need. And by highlighting all of the benefits, readers are given a compelling feeling to download your eBook.

While other companies are wasting money on spam-laden marketing schemes, your business can get ahead by providing an informational product that, if correctly used to one’s advantage, guarantees leads. Customers are bound to have more faith in your expertise, and your competitors will be busy trying to revive their exhausted tactics.

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