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Drive marketplace growth with informative and dynamic product listings

Transform ordinary product detail pages (PDPs) into extraordinary brand experiences. Designed to impress and catch attention, enhanced brand content delivers engaging product descriptions and interactive media (A+ content) – combining creative sales copy, larger-than-life hero banners, comparison tables, and more.

A+ Content by PrimeView

We have the talent to turn browsers into buyers

Amazon, the renowned retail giant, has combined Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content into one streamlined feature called "A+ Content." This update unlocks new design possibilities and customization options, allowing business owners like you to outshine competitors by providing customers with informative, eye-catching, immersive PDPs.

At PrimeView, we can set your brand apart on Amazon with rich product content that highlights your story and value proposition. With striking visuals, compelling copy, insightful charts, and much more, we can easily differentiate your business from rivals in even the most competitive markets.

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How PrimeView's Amazon Experts Can Help

Amazon A+ Content focuses on selling your brand. Situated within the 'Product Description,' this feature gives you the opportunity to talk about your company's humble beginnings and values, product specifications, quality-centric manufacturing processes, and overall commitment to excellence.

Our Amazon experts can help you showcase your unique brand story and make the most of this platform through:

Captivating content, compelling results

Leave a lasting impression on your customers with our creative content creation services. Our professional copywriters will craft persuasive product descriptions, engaging brand stories, and impactful comparison charts to maximize your sales potential.

Amazon A+ Content service inclusions:

Product descriptions that instantly capture readers' attention.

Identify and spotlight your products' most noteworthy features and unique selling propositions (USPs) through painstaking product and competitor analysis.

Emphasize "what" sets your brand apart and "why" Amazon shoppers should choose your business over your competitors.

An authentic portrayal of your brand story, identity, values, policies, and others.

Increased traffic and improved reach through SEO- and keyword-optimized content.

Visuals that speak volumes

Our designers excel in image optimization and enhancement, guaranteeing your product images rise above a sea of competitors.

Service inclusions:

  • EBC-ready images, ensuring precise dimensions and pixel quality.
  • Enhancing the appeal of product images, such as by changing their background color to white, using Photoshop and advanced editing techniques. The primary images of most bestseller listings have a plain white background.
  • Composite image creation to transform simple product shots into professional stock photos.
  • Easy-to-digest infographics that combine aesthetics and comprehensibility.
  • Eye-catching, head-turning hero images that entice shoppers to pause, explore, and engage with your A+ content.

Bespoke design, seamless implementation, and ongoing assistance

Your brand deserves to shine. With our Amazon A+ Content design services, we create stunning visual layouts that align perfectly with your brand identity, and we go the extra mile to ascertain they reflect the exceptional quality of your products. In addition, we offer support for A+ content submission, approval, and management to ensure everything leads to a sale.

Service inclusions:

  • Customized EBC designs tailored to your brand and catalog.
  • Complete execution and management of EBC submissions.
  • Generation of meta-tag keywords for quick and easy content uploads.
  • Continuous support and editorial feedback, serving as your primary contact for Amazon A+ Content through Seller Central.
  • In-depth analytics and performance tracking to optimize EBC for increased engagement and conversions.

Amazon A+ Content Benefits at a Glance

Conversion rates up by 3-10%

Visually engaging listings

Storytelling with A+ Content

Encourages positive reviews

Improved brand awareness

Stand out from the competition

Answers most product questions

Cross-selling opportunities

A+ Content Eligibility Requirements

To experience the benefits of Enhanced Brand Content, you must register under Amazon's Brand Registry (ABR) program. Here's a quick guide to follow:

Your brand must have a registered and active word mark (e.g., Google, Microsoft, Apple) or design mark (e.g., Nike's lone swoosh, Starbucks' green mermaid, the McDonald's golden arches). Your trademark should appear on your products or packaging.

Amazon requires trademark owners (the person or entity whose name the word mark or design mark is registered) to submit brand registry applications.

Enroll your brand.

Amazon Premium A+ Content Eligibility

Amazon A++ or Premium A+ Content is an invite-only feature reserved for industry giants such as luxury brands and globally recognized tech products. Premium A+ offers both enhanced and exclusive capabilities, taking your Amazon branding and marketing efforts to the next level.

The eligibility criteria for Premium A+ Content include:

  • All Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) in your catalog must have a published A+ Brand Story.
  • You need a minimum of 15 A+ Content project submissions in "Approved" status within the last 12 months.

Need help navigating the ABR program? Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns by calling us at +1-480-970-4688.

Amazon A+ vs. A++ Content Comparison Guide

Type Availability Text and Images Image Size Comparison Table Allowable Modules on PDP Video and Hotspot Navigation Carousel
A+ All brand registered vendors 970 x 300 5
A++ Invite-only 1464 x 600 7
Type A+ A++
Availability All brand registered vendors Invite-only
Text and Images
Image Size 970 x 300 1464 x 600
Comparison Table
Allowable Modules on PDP 5 7
Video and Hotspot
Navigation Carousel

Why PrimeView?

We are proud to call ourselves "pros" in Enhanced Brand Content design. As part of our Amazon marketing services, we can maximize your A+ Content efforts with our:

  • In-house team of Amazon EBC specialists: We handle every aspect of the Amazon A+ Content creation process internally. PrimeView comprises design mavericks riding the waves of artistic flow, copywriters brimming with creative juices, and experienced project managers who work collaboratively to deliver exceptional Amazon A+ page designs. Regardless of your brand's niche (from pet supplies to home decor and all in between), our team has the expertise to create and manage sales-driving EBCs for you.
  • Exemplary Amazon A+ Content designs for all businesses: We take immense pride in developing visually striking PDPs for all businesses, regardless of size. From newcomers to well-known brands, PrimeView has collaborated with them all, striving to exceed expectations at every turn.
  • Always up-to-date policy: We keep ourselves informed about Amazon's do's and don'ts, saving you from unnecessary worry about TOS compliance. Being TOS-compliant is especially crucial for vendors selling medical and personal care products.

Get Ready for Your Amazon Sales to Grow

Trust PrimeView to take your Amazon presence to skyrocketing heights. Our Amazon A+ EBC Listing services enable PDP customization using attention-grabbing images, informative comparison tables, persuasive copy, and more – filling up more space compared to standard listings. Implement an immersive shopping experience now to leave an enduring impression on customers and rise above your competition.

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