Most SEO professionals and digital marketers work on local SEO campaigns. But how can you manage search engine optimization for your business if you have various locations around the USA? This calls for a nationwide SEO strategy, which requires a different approach than local SEO strategies.

Enter the fray & compete with confidence

National SEO is a long-term investment that focuses on ranking for broad keywords instead of specific geographic areas. Although you’ll notice similarities to local SEO, National SEO is much more competitive. This is because there’s tough competition from leading brand names and businesses of your size which are all after the same customers.

In addition, to get those customers, thousands of businesses are bidding on the same keywords. This raises the cost of those keywords when running PPC campaigns. However, with National SEO specialists like PrimeView who understand the intricacies of national SEO, you can affordably extend your reach across the US and even the world. This expands your customer base for a great ROI from a national campaign.

With PrimeView managing your National campaign, you can meet these challenges and succeed.

Do I need National SEO?

If you are a brick-and-mortar store selling pet supplies, you just need local SEO. Your focus will be ranking for geo-targeted keywords that attract potential customers near your location. If your business is in Scottsdale, Arizona, for example, you will have keywords such as “pet supplies in Scottsdale.”

If a person is looking for a particular pet item and lives in San Diego, they are not going to make a 375-mile 6-hour trip to your store. However, if you are a savvy pet supply store owner, you could create an e-commerce website and then be able to sell your products across the entire the world wide web!

E-commerce websites are ones that are particularly suited to national SEO. PrimeView is one of the leading e-commerce developers in Arizona. We have spent years of hard work and testing to learn the tools and strategies to promote your business nationwide or even globally.

From Local to National

If you want to set up shop in some new locations that is a local services such as car repair, then you need both local and national SEO. If you are thinking really big and want to franchise your business, then you will have to advertise nationally as part of your franchise and provide local SEO for your franchisees.

The complexities that arise from balancing these two types of campaigns require hard work and know-how. Your decision to go national, as mentioned before, means you will be competing against other national brands. Ranking for broad keywords is harder, takes more time, and costs more. It doesn’t happen overnight. The techniques used by our SEO specialists focus on your long-term success.

Search engine algorithms regularly change, so PrimeView doesn’t just rely on existing local and national SEO practices and techniques. We constantly look for new and innovative ways to get your site to the top of the search engines and maintain its position.

Broad Keywords and Branding

What is done differently than local SEO to improve your rankings on a national scale? Instead of making your business number one on Google with geotargeted keywords, your brand name and/or business name is used more as a keyword. If you’ve got some name recognition from your local SEO, then it will be a little easier to rank. If not, then extra marketing effort and a bigger budget will be needed.

Also, National SEO uses more general terms rather than specific terms, such as in the previous example for a local business, “pet supplies in Scottsdale” would just be Pet supplies, Best Pet Supplies, [Brand name] Pet Supplies, etc.

Ranking for a keyword is not as simple as it used to be. Google’s search results are becoming more personalized. The results people may see may depend not just on a physical location but their previous behavior when searching the web. One keyword used in one place can get different local results.

Partner with PrimeView

Nationwide, there can be thousands of people looking for your products, services or offers. But if they can’t find you, they will find a competitor. You can see that a national campaign is not as simple as local SEO. PrimeView’s National SEO services meet this challenge and will make you stand out among the sea of competitors. Let us help you reach your business goals. Contact us today and request a free proposal!