Reputation Management

Is anything negative being said about your brand that you could easily respond to?

Reputation Management

Are there negative reviews that might be hurting your brand resulting in lost sales?

Reputation Management

Find opportunities to connect with people online looking for your products and services

Reputation Management

Join relevant conversations and make new connections and build your online authority

Reputation Management

Get measurable feedback on the effectiveness of your social media strategy

Reputation Management

It is almost inevitable for a business not to escape being the target of negative feedback at some point in time. Sometimes the negative material might be a genuine grievance or a misunderstanding. Other negative material might be maliciously created by a competitor or disgruntled ex-employee.

Regardless of who and why the negative material needs to be addressed quickly to reduce its potential damage to your online reputation.

With most businesses not even doing social media let alone monitoring social media for any mentions of their brand, product or services there is a real danger of there being negative material out there harming your business without your knowledge. If you are aware, you have an opportunity to implement reputation repair strategies.


Our Reputation Management and online social monitoring service will actively monitor social media and search engines for mentions of up to ten keywords weekly listening for any mention found. The keywords can be your business name, personal name and the names of any products or services you have. We will produce weekly reports and review these passing them on to you with any recommendations on what we consider the most appropriate response or strategy to deal with negative material.

Social monitoring is also a great way of getting feedback on how your online visibility strategy is going, as well as looking for opportunities for social engagement.

Negative Material Requiring
Reputation Repair

We will consult with you to develop the most appropriate strategy for dealing with it. In the first instance, it is always best to try to negotiate with the other party for its voluntary removal or retraction. If the other party is not willing to remove or retract the material, then we can advise you on other ways to try to get it removed using methods including copyright infringement, defamation or any violation of TOS that can be identified. In the case of material that can’t be removed, then your only recourse will be to attempt to “bury” the material rendering it invisible using SEO techniques.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Monitor to Discover Potential
New Customers

Social media is one of the first places people turn to when they have been thinking of buying something, and they will often ask their friends for recommendations or feedback on specific brands. This can present opportunities to connect with people actively looking to buy the types of products or services you offer.

Monitor Effectiveness of Your
Social Strategy

We can produce social monitoring reports detailing the occurrence or mentions of specific terms on social networks and media. These reports can give you feedback on how effective our services are in increasing online visibility on social media and generating social engagement.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Monitor to find Opportunities
for Engagement

The reports also provide feedback enabling you to better target your social engagement efforts by participating in current conversations as well as intervene in the case of the discovery of negative material. It is easier to join in an existing conversation than trying to create one from scratch. Social monitoring provides an opportunity to find such conversations on topics that are highly relevant to your business. This pro-active approach can help build your authority and specific awareness of your products or services.

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Reputation Management

Avoid damaging information and missed opportunities by shaping your reputation and credibility. We build trust around your brand and maintain positive online reputations across online platforms by monitoring and responding to reviews, comments, questions, and more.

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