Why Web Design Should be Centered on Providing Outstanding User Experience

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: September 18th, 2013 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

Outstanding Web Design User Experience

Web design has always been about presenting a company or a business in the best way possible so that internet users would be more compelled to avail of a service or purchase a product. It should have the right combination of design elements such as accurate and frequently updated information, visual appeal, exceptional layout, appropriate typography, visited link state, brilliant color scheme, and of course, user experience. Although most websites out there are brilliantly designed and have state-of-the-art graphics plastered on almost every web page, these helpful tactics are not the most important. Using these alone will not give businesses the boost they need to propel them to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).


It’s Not Just About the Look

When it comes to effective web design, it is not just about the look. Web designers should primarily focus their efforts on ensuring a website works seamlessly and is accessible to as many internet users as possible, whether through smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop PCs.
A website should be easily found on the internet, which means developers and designers should be focus on making sure that the website is optimized for quick search and easy navigation. The goal is to make sure a visitor is able to find and obtain the information he wants upon visiting the site with only a few, if not zero, drawbacks.


Fast, Reliable Information at the Client’s Fingertips

The way the Web works is simple to understand—everything has to be fast and the information gathering process should be as straightforward as possible. A person searching for a particular product will exit a page or a site within a few seconds of not understanding the content or if the site is difficult to navigate, losing a potential buyer in a matter of seconds.


Simple but Effective Web Design is Essential

This is why it is often a website with smart, minimalist design is able to get a significant number of site visitors each day. Their focus is on rapid, precise communication and clear navigation. Most often websites are filled with marketing content that the business or company wants to tell visitors as well as new and existing clients that they are forgetting how crucial it is to still consider and gauge the level of comfort the content provides to individuals visiting their site.

As a result, customers find it difficult to perform their main tasks or do research about a certain product or information. Many sites have benefited from streamlining their site functions and prioritizing on helping customers do their tasks, whether it’s browsing their product inventory, checking account statements, or tracking a freight delivery.


Enhancing User Experience Should be the Heart of Web Design

By centering on improving user experience, business websites are able to increase their efficiency, directing more traffic to their most important pages. Content that is aimed only at getting people to visit other product or service pages tend to decrease, instead of increase, the number of visits to those pages.

An outcome-based web design is focused on helping internet users do things without the hassle of being bombarded with unrelated information on the homepage as well on the secondary pages of the site.


Bridging the Gap between Client and Company Goals

The first thing web designers should ask business owners and companies when developing their sites is to ask them about their websites’ goals and what they want to achieve in a specific timeframe.

The next step would be to understand the target audience and to focus on why customers are on their websites in the first place. Common reasons for visiting a particular site is to research a product or service or to learn more about a company.

After identifying both sets of goals, it would then be the appropriate time to identify the gaps and find ways to close them. How far away from each other are the company objectives from clients’ goals. It is important to determine what problems in terms of connection with the site visitors need to be addressed to ensure a smooth relationship between the company and its site visitors.

Devising plans that would help close the gap would be the next logical step. It would be advisable to have more than just one plan or to combine one with another design plan. What is important is to repeatedly test a strategy before exposing it to incoming traffic to ensure that it is highly effective and update as soon as new developments in web design arise to keep a website in its most efficient form.


Always Think about the Client’s Journey

The best websites always prioritize customers over company objectives. From the moment a visitor enters the website to the actual purchase or accomplishment of a task. Although they are making a considerable profit, customer experience is still their primary concern.
Web designers should always think whether their clients are on the same page with them from the get go and are aware of the process that they will use in order to bring about the change that is needed to gain more leads, turn them into sales, and increase their return-on-investment (ROI).


Why Responsible Web Design is Essential

Web designers should not just focus on making a site rank in SERPs, but to also consider and prioritize the needs and concerns of people who are looking for crucial information regarding a certain product or service. The most popular websites such as Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Blogspot, and Facebook do not have multiple color schemes and abstract designs but just the right amount of visual style that would keep visitors glued to their purpose and not distracted by flashy colors or excessive use of images.

Great web design is a product of a combination of extensive experience, unmatched skills, and the right attitude. The web designer has focus on the idea that what makes a perfectly designed website is its capacity to provide what visitors came to find. Capturing the interest of the user by utilizing the right design aesthetics is very important. The key is to think through the project objectives and the audience that the clients are trying to reach.

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