How to Increase Site Traffic through Web Design

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: January 25th, 2013 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

A company website with no traffic is such a disappointment. You have invested huge dollars for it but it has not attracted visitors yet. You find the layout and the colors very striking—so what’s the problem? Clearly, your purpose has not been served. The web design company you hire lacked the proficiency in effective Internet or search engine marketing. To help you with your ordeal, try to educate yourself with these sets of information:

  •  Keep your site simple. Do not use too much colors especially the ones that make your content unreadable. Avoid using several programs (like Flash and Java) and graphical images. They slow down page load that results to lower search engine ranking and fewer site visitors.
  •  Use keywords to increase your site’s chances of being crawled by spiders.  To make your website search engine-friendly, do not clutter it with lots of keywords though. Robots are smart enough to realize that you are trying to “deceive” them through your website design. Instead of placing you higher in search engine results pages, you will not even be seen in the top ten. Tough luck, huh?!
  •  Use Meta Tags (Title and Description) in your content. Make sure, however, that you use different keywords in each web page.
  •  Make your website easy to navigate. Structure it in such a way that search engine crawlers, as well as customers, can easily find the information that they want to see.
  •  Do not just place images. You should also use alternative text or Alt Text to go with it. This makes way for the search engine crawlers to find and index the website that will result to search engine ranking.
  •  Use internal links and backlinks. Google and other search engines think that a website that has connections to other sites covers interesting and relevant information; hence, it is a possibility that you will rank higher in results pages. You may request backlinks from sites related to your business. Internal links, on the other hand, let your visitors move from one web page to another. This activity contributes to a higher page ranking.
  •  Be where most of your customers are. Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks are where people are—especially your target customers. Create your own Facebook and Twitter accounts and link them to your site. Remember to do regular updates, like posting status, placing comments and publishing images.

It will take you a lot of time to study and do all these—especially if you lack knowledge in web designing. But what if you cannot afford to wait before you are able to implement changes in your website? Here is the solution: hire a company that will do an effective website design for you.

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