10 Tips for a Thriving Local Business

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Local BusinessmanThere’s nothing quite as exciting for business owners than to see all of their hard work prosper into something they didn’t see coming. To witness what once had a dozen loyal customers now have over a thousand really is something to be ecstatic about.

But in reality, the more a business grows, the more challenges it faces. To succeed, you need to be flexible and have great planning and organizational skills. Many people start realizing that maintaining business sales and profits is much more difficult than they initially thought. Here’s what you need to know to make your growing business even more successful.

1. List your business with a Google My Business page.

Google is the largest and most ubiquitous search engine out there, and recent reports show that when it comes to the use of search engines, Google is heavily favored by over 78% of online users, reinforcing that it’s nowhere near getting overthrown by Yahoo, Bing, or other competitors. If for some reason, you can only be visible on one search engine, Google should be it.

2. Broaden your reach with social media.

Different statistics illustrate just how significant social media is to the growth of a business. A report shows that 92% of marketers agree that social media marketing is essential for their business, with 80% indicating that efforts increased web traffic.

Additionally, studies have shown that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing, and a higher number of social media followers tends to improve trust and credibility in a brand, representing social proof. As such, simply building an audience in social media can improve conversion rates on existing traffic.

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3. Develop a website for your business.

A website is a necessity for a business, regardless if big or small. If you have a business and don’t have a website at this time and age, you are most likely losing many great opportunities for growth. The internet has a far more extensive reach than any other form of advertising. Your website will be your virtual shop or face, the center of your company’s online presence. Through a website, you can advertise your business around the Web and increase your sales and profits. A site also helps in establishing credibility. If you’re putting off building a website, you’re only hurting your business. Now’s the best time to get started.

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4. If you already have a website, make sure it’s mobile responsive.

A website with a responsive web design can adapt to different screen sizes, regardless of what device it is. The website automatically reformats itself to give the user a better experience that is well-suited to their smartphone or tablet. Mobile responsiveness provides your website with many benefits while staying in line with Google recommendations.

With smartphones perpetually taking the form of miniature computers, a responsive web design is key to keeping up with the latest technology while getting ahead of your competitors.

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5. Prioritize local SEO.

Every business can grow and attract more customers using local SEO strategies. Local SEO is an efficient way to market your business over the internet. It allows businesses to promote their products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re looking for them. Millions of customers use local search every day to find the best local businesses within their area. You can increase your chances of being found by your prospects by working with a local SEO company like PrimeView.

6. Incorporate Pay Per Click into your advertising and marketing strategies.

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is essential to achieve online business success and a necessary component of a successful digital marketing campaign. Often, many small business owners underestimate the benefits of pay-per-click, and as a result, are missing out on the opportunity to rapidly grow their online businesses in a controlled and profitable manner.

Pay per click advertising is a great way to reach your prospective customers fast and be able to promote your products and services in a hassle-free way.

7. Ask for customer reviews.

There’s no harm in offering customers a small reward for taking a short survey or writing comments about their experience with you. Today, platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or LocalEats are showcasing the best of the best businesses in localities and industries, and they are all based on ratings given by customers. Great reviews improve your search ranking and make customers feel like they are part of your team.

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8. Analyze your competition.

The amount of competition your business has on the web is limitless, and competition often brings out the worse in people. However, it does yield the best results. To be successful, you can’t be terrified to study and learn from your competitors. Who knows? You may discover strategies that you can implement in your own business to make more money.

9. Stay focused on the prize.

Always attempt to be very strategic with your approach to growth. Set one to two-year business plans, then track and modify them as necessary. If you fail to set goals, you have no way of measuring just how much you can achieve within a specific time frame. When everyone is on the same page and understands the goal of an organization, it makes it so much easier for everyone to rally together and take pride in accomplishing the goal.

10. Be Consistent

Whether you offer products or services, consistency is a crucial component to keep customers coming back, and for you to continue making money.

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When it comes to thriving locally, keeping up with the latest technology is mandatory. Along with SEO and other proven techniques, PrimeView can help enhance your online visibility, not just within your locale, but in search results as well. Become more accessible to your target market. Call us at 480-970-4688 today.

Peter A. Liefer II

CEO at PrimeView

Peter is the CEO of PrimeView, the leading Arizona Web Design Firm. A veteran in the Web Development and eCommerce industry, he is focused on delivering data-driven results. Learn more about Peter and PrimeView on our Profile. You may also reach us here.