Critical Tools for the Small Business Owner: DocuSign for Paperless Business Transactions

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: October 10th, 2013 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

Critical Tools for the Small Business Owner: DocuSign for Paperless Business Transactions

For many small business owners, cost-efficient methods are always the priority when running a business because they do not yet have enough financial resources for cutting-edge technologies that many larger corporations have.

On the other hand, this is not to assume that small business owners cannot gain access to state-of-the-art programs and technologies that can prove beneficial to their companies. It is always just a matter of knowing where to look and keeping an eye out for any new developments.

One particular web tool, called DocuSign, has been making waves among companies in terms of streamlining business processes through paperless transactions. Companies can now sign, send, and manage contracts, agreements, and other documents without worrying about information security and safety.

DocuSign is a digital signature software, which utilizes cloud-based electronic signature technology to allow online exchange and signing of various forms of contracts, tax paperwork, and other legally binding contracts that require signatures. Its excellent features include state-of-the-art authentication services and user identity management.

It is so easy to use, whether you are the sender or the signer. What’s so unique and impressive about DocuSign is that the documents signed using this application is 100% legally binding. It has anti-tampering seals and multiple authentication options to uphold and protect the integrity of documents.

In addition, it accepts all common document file types such as image files, PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and more. It is available in 43 different languages.It is used by both multinational corporations and small to medium-sized businesses. It is meets even the strictest global standards in terms of language flexibility, security, and service reliability.

How Does a Paperless Transaction Help a Business?

DocuSign can maximize work productivity in terms of business transactions as it can keep all signed documents in one safe place. It eliminates the need for file cabinets and paper printing, saving time, storage space, and money. Its another step towards the intent to make businesses digital from start to finish.

Through DocuSign, a business can:

  1. Access contracts and other documents anytime, anywhere, and on any device. You can look up your important documents in the office, during a meeting, or even while you’re on vacation, as long as you have access to the web.
  2. Speed up business processes delayed by having to wait for signed documents to get back to you, or for documents for signing to arrive.
  3. Save an awful lot of money that is usually spent on printing, faxing, mailing, and sending of documents to clients and associates.
  4. Help reduce the carbon footprint and save the environment from further degradation. DocuSign has reported to have saved over 60,000 trees, which is equivalent to:
  • $10,000,000 worth of retail printing expenses
  • A stack of pages reaching up to 165,000 feet
  • Worth $9,300,000 of overall shipping costs for documents made from over 60,000 trees were to be sent overnight to the signer and returned to the sender.

It helps pave the way for a more environmentally friendly way of doing business, revolutionizing the process of signing documents, which has been done for thousands of years.