How your business can benefit from a live chat tool

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: March 27th, 2017 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

These days, we can see a lot of websites that make use of the live chat tool because it can aid to the customers’ needs and wants immediately. If you happen to have a business website, and you want more people to engage with it, then a live chat is definitely one of the best tools to have.

It Can Save on Costs

First up, it can help you save up on costs. Most businesses would outsource call centers or would invest in plenty of company phones that the customer service representatives use to engage with the customers. With a live chat tool, you can cut costs on phones since you only have to pay for the software. With this, your customer service team can just engage with the customers using their computers.

It can Improve Your Customer Service

Of course, one of the main functions of a live chat software is to improve customer service. Your potential customers can just immediately chat with a customer service representative, instead of looking for the customer service email or the hotline on your website. This provides ease as well as convenience to customers who need help right away.

It Can Boost Your Sales

Aside from customer service, a live chat tool may also be used to upsell to customers. For example, a first time visitor looks around your website. A live chat option may automatically send an instant message to the visitor offering a certain product or service that the website sells. Add this with some good customer relations messages, and you can help your business boost some sales. For this, you would need to train your customer service representatives also to know how to upsell using the live chat software. Do this with the right customer engagement strategy, and you will get higher conversion rates.

It Helps You Gain Feedback Easily

Another thing that a live chat tool does is that it can be the perfect medium where you can get feedback from customers easily. Feedback is crucial to every business because it gives you an idea on what parts or aspects of your business operations have to be improved. While you engage with your customers, you may ask them about their website and shopping experience and what things can still be improved. Doing this would elicit personal connection to your customers, making them feel like their opinion matters. One thing that you must know is that trust and loyalty are related, and they can be achieved through the proper medium and personal connection.

It Gives Visitors a Good First Impression on the Website

Aside from its functionality, a live chat software can also act as a marketing tool for the website. A website that has a live chat tool is often viewed as a site that cares deeply for its visitors as it gives them an easier time with their inquiries, complaints, or feedback. Visitors value good service from businesses, and a live chat feature will give an impression that your business goes out of its way to give good service to its customers.

It Can Deepen Your Relationship With Your Visitors/Customers

Since you can directly engage with your website’s visitors, you can reach the people at a deeper and more emotional level. You can answer all of their questions comprehensively through the chat system without looking like you sent a robotic reply from a spiel. This would deepen your relationship with your customers because it enables you to talk to them one on one at real time. This will also make your customers feel special, giving them the impression that you always try your best to cater their inquiries and concerns.

It Offers Chat Transcripts That Can be Used for Analysis

Another thing that a live chat can do for you is that it offers chat transcripts and chat history that you can use later on for your market analysis and study. With the platform, you’ll be able to look back at the chat messages that your customer service representatives have with your customers or visitors. You can then use the data for your analysis to know what works and what does not.

It Allows You to Give 24/7 Service

With a live chat system, you can go 24/7 to enhance and provide the best customer service. The good thing about operating a 24/7 service live chat system is that you can access it from a computer. This makes things so much easier for both the customers and the representatives. The customers can contact the representatives at the comfort of their homes any time of the day. This also allows you to attend to your customers’ needs promptly, thus, boosting your customer engagement.

It May Act as an Analytics Tool

Aside from letting you have a medium to engage with your customers or visitors, it can also serve as an analytics tool. The records found in the live chat system will tell you how many customers visited your website, how many used the chat support feature, which messages were responded to by the customer service agents, and which messages were ignored.

It Gives You An Edge Over Competition

Lastly, it will give you an edge over all of your other competitors because not all businesses have this feature on their websites. If you have this feature coupled with your personalized welcome messages, then you’ll be able to cater to your customers like no other.

These are some of the ways that a live chat tool can be able to help your business. In a world where technology has taken over, personal touch and face-to-face interactions have become limited. This is specifically true when it comes to sales and customer service since these can be done through email nowadays. Live chat tools enable you to give your customers an easy time accessing information. It also gives them the personalized touch that they are looking for. In fact, it can be a big asset to your business, and can even gain you an upper hand when you are up against your competitors.

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