7 Signs You Need a Site Redesign

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: February 13th, 2017 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

You may be thinking about a new design for your site, especially if you are tired of looking at the same old same old each and every day. The real question is whether or not you need one, however. Redesigning your site can be time-consuming and often, the process requires budget allocations that your business may or may not be prepared for. Of course, you can always pinpoint site areas in which less expensive, simpler designs can be made. At the moment, however, you need to know the deadly signs that it is time to get your website redesigned immediately.

    1. Are you visible? Try and type a few keywords or product names on the search bar for Bing or Google. In fact, use any of the search engines you prefer. Type the name of your company or any product you provide. Does your page pop up on the first page of the search engine? If not, you will need to do a complete SEO makeover of your site. Most companies gain traffic from searches that happen organically or naturally. However, potential buyers or clients have a tendency to stay on page one. Keeping your site where the action is on page one will mean making sure your SEO works and that your products show up when customers look for them.


    1. Your brand is not reflected accurately by your site. In so many different ways, it is your website that gives everyone the first impression they will have of your brand. Make sure you are virtually putting your best foot forward with an understandable, clear and aesthetically pleasing site aligned with the core values of your company. Remember that if your brand is getting a revamp, your site is a tool critical to help facilitate this change. Brand perceptions by consumers are influenced by your digital identity in a big way. Thus, what visitors feel and think the moment they first get on your page will have a big impact on whether or not a sale is made in the long run.


    1. Has your rank changed? Of course, there may be different factors affecting your site ranking. For instance, your content may not be relevant or your SEO needs work. You may not have high-quality links or a blog on your site. It may even be that the content strategy of your site is old-fashioned. No matter what the reason is for your ranking to remain where it has always been, you will need a site revamp.


    1. You have outdated third-party tools and an old-fashioned content management system. A site should be user-friendly not just to the ones who are doing the navigating and the users who browse in it, but also for the website owners. If you are having a hard time doing site updates for your site when necessary including page amendments, events, business updates, and news, then this means you need to get a website that works better. In this event, an update is definitely in order.


    1. Leads are not being converted. You may have an awesome looking site and have all the most important info about your company. However, you need to know whether or not your business is growing with the help of your customers. If your site is not doing conversions to leads, you might need a new design. Find out what the rates of conversions your websites have. This way, you will know what adjustments to make on your site.


    1. Your site is not optimized for mobile. If the website you use for business is not designed to be friendly for mobile users, then you seriously need to consider an update. These days, who doesn’t have a cell phone? Those who own smartphones will probably have a tendency to use it for more and more stuff, from browsing to reading books, to shopping and paying bills. This tells you that each day; more and more searches are going to be conducted through a smartphone. Not having a site friendly to mobile users will mean that if someone gets on your landing page using a phone, your site won’t be ready to show itself on this gadget and may drive the user out immediately. In fact, you might want to try whipping out your cell phone right this minute and getting on your website.


  1. The competition’s site looks much better than yours. Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and see what your competitor’s website looks like. Do they have great looking sites that are organized well? You will need to step up to the plate and consider a new design. This will help get your target audience looking at your products. A great looking site also does wonders for credibility. It is always a good idea to stay ahead of the game and make sure that rather than you being nervous about how great your competitor’s site looks, it is the competition that is nervous about how great your site looks.

It might surprise you how many people have not checked their own websites on various gadgets they own. In fact, it comes as no surprise if you yourself have not done this. You might want to do this yourself using your own site. Use a tablet, a phone, and a laptop.

Check to see what the graphics are doing and whether or not the text can be read. Is it easy to click on the various tabs and links? This shows you how much of a business necessity getting a site revamped is. In the last decade alone, the internet has made such tremendous progress at a dizzying pace. Keeping up with as much of the progress as you can only work wonders for you.