How AdWords can Help your Business Grow

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: January 9th, 2017 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

If you haven’t set up an AdWords for your business yet, then you are most probably lagging behind in the marketplace. AdWords is one of the most effective tools to advertise your business online. It is a service provided by Google, which is you know, THE search engine.

This tool enables businesses to set their budget for posting ads on Google and its advertising networks such as the search network and the display network. In a nutshell, Google develops AdWords to help business owners promote their brand and reach out to their target market in just a single click.

Business owners who are planning to use AdWords should fully understand how to use this amazing tool and how to set it up properly. Things like account creation, account structure, relevant ad content, and right keywords to use have to be carefully considered for the campaign to deliver the expected results.

Reasons Why We Love AdWords

Importance of Adwords
So that you’ll fully understand why AdWords is a crucial thing for any online business, here are it’s benefits and some cool reasons why AdWords is so popular nowadays:

It is more flexible than other advertising strategies

This tool of advertisement provides a lot of options and customization for your business campaigns. It allows you to specifically target the people or audience to whom you want to market your business. It uses the following strategies that make your ads effective and fruitful:

  • It provides extensions of your ads.
  • It narrows down your audience to location, language, browser, and device.
  • It gives you a wide range of access to networks of non-search visitors.
  • It specifies keyword search types.

It is user-friendly in all sense

Have you ever tried getting frustrated over confusing stuff on the web like registration and all? Well, good thing AdWords is not one of them! Google AdWords has the biggest range of help and tutorials for new users. It is very user-friendly and is easy to understand since its tutorials are using simple words that can be easily understood even by the first-timers.

It complements other Marketing areas

One of the incredible things about this advertising tool is its marketing versatility. AdWords can track your visitors via cookies on their browser. So, every time a visitor visits your website and enables the cookie in the browser, your ads will follow them on the internet. Moreover, AdWords is also compatible with almost all website platforms and can be used across different social media networks.

It is faster and budget-friendly for new users

Unlike other advertising tools, AdWords allows you to view the result of your Ads in no time. Hence, you can easily assess whether your ads are actually working or not. Adwords also allows you to set a clear budget for your ads so that you don’t have to worry about going over your intended budget.

It is measurable

As mentioned earlier Adwords delivers fast results in just a matter of minutes. This is made possible by its reliable metrics and analytics. AdWords is more transparent by providing you clear and reliable analytics that will allow you to assess and which ads are working well and which are not. This will let you foresee how effective the ads are and how many conversions they can make.

It can potentially increase the number of your customers

If the campaign has been properly set up, you can expect that the number of your customers will increase since AdWords has the capability to target people and find those users who are searching for what you have to offer. Specific targeting and strategic ad posting will certainly pay off in the long run.

Google AdWords cost is more manageable

We’ve already mentioned that this advertising tool is budget-friendly, but not only that. You can manage and control the cost of the Ads that you want as Google offers an option where you are charged via click only. So, if you think about it, it is a win-win situation. You get to only pay for the ads that people actually click on.

Google AdWords brings more ROI to the company rather than Organic listings

I’ve come across some comments from netizens saying how organic listings are much more genuine as compared to those advertised ones. Well, being in the digital marketing world long enough to know its twists and turns, it’s safe to say that only false beginners and first-timers think so. Organic listings are contents, including ads, which appear on search pages because of their relevance to your searches, but even the metrics that measure how relevant the contents are can actually be cheated. What’s even worse is that it needs constant monitoring.

AdWords, on the other hand, will give you more ROI as social media advertisements can reach millions of people in a span of an hour without sacrificing your time in monitoring the ads. This means less advertisement cost and gets worldwide exposure.

Does AdWords Have Its Downsides?

No Advertising strategies are created without a loophole. As helpful as this tool is, we feel obliged to also present its minor setbacks. Everything has its downside, and it requires patience, proper knowledge, and product familiarity to be able to use it successfully. The following are a few downsides of using AdWords:

Settling your payments

Business is business, and if you can’t pay your bills, then you are bound to go downwards. If you fail to settle your payments for AdWords, Google can automatically remove your Ads. Now, this is vital since every second counts in the online world. Remember, consistent online presence is a big thing in digital marketing.

Limited characters for your Ads

AdWords’ copy space only has 70 characters in total, so you have to choose your words wisely to maximize its effect. While others see this as a big turn off; it is actually not. No one would want to read lengthy ads anyway. You just have to play with words and know your market to be able to craft the right copy for them.

Google cannot show you the statistics of other companies that are using AdWords

Google knows how it will help any business if you are able to track the improvement of their competitors, yet they valued privacy and vital information about their clients. Hence, they always make sure that you cannot access your competitors’ AdWords’ content, same as they cannot access yours. But this shouldn’t discourage you, though. So as long as you understand the needs of your target market, and you’ve crafted the right copy, then you will certainly reap your success in the end.

Company expenses

This advertisement strategy can also take effect on your company or business’ expenses. It can cause rise effect or downfall depending on how you set it up. So, before diving into this tempting strategy, make sure you read more about Google AdWords and understand it thoroughly.

Misleading Google Suggestion

Sometimes when setting up your Google AdWords, Google will meddle and give you a lot of suggestions in setting it up. Some of them are good, but some of them are not and will only lead you to pay more. It would be best to assess your needs first and research about the types of ads that can give you good results.

Surely, Google AdWords is one of the most coveted tools to advertise your business, products, and brand effectively. With the right timing, knowledge, and strategy, it will surely bring your company and business to success.

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