Mobile Website on Cellphone

Understanding Mobile Sites

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Mobile Website on Cellphone

One of the biggest advices for 2012 is: if you still don’t have a mobile site for your website, you better get one. It was said that in a few years, the only way people will go on online is via handheld gadgets and mobile devices. Nobody will be using laptops and PCs anymore, as they’re considered immense, chunky and takes too long to power up. This is the reason why we’re seeing an onslaught of tablets, smartphones, newer and newer versions of the iPhones and iPads, Androids and Blackberrys. There’s a great demand for these products as mobile devices spells simplicity. One can easily check their mails as soon as they open their eyes or take photos and upload them on the internet just as quickly.

But what is a mobile site and how does it differ from a regular full site?

A mobile site is a scaled down version of the regular site. Everything within it is simplified. Contents are cut down to bare minimum. The designs are less grandiose than the ones you can see on a bigger screen. And because of those smaller screens, petite fonts are used instead.In terms of content, shorter titles are encouraged because it adapts to the mobility of the gadget. It may sound bad but online mobile users have shorter attention spans and longer titles make their mind wander somewhere else. In web design, the number one rule is to capture an audience.Your mobile site should also have more generic site platforms. Flash doesn’t work on iPhone. So content that requires flash should be avoided. The lesser the typing, the better it is for mobile users.

What are the advantages of having a mobile website?

Mobile gadgets have opened up a wider market of online users. The new generation of internet users jumps from infancy straight to mobile usage without stopping by the pc and laptop stage. In fact, netbooks are becoming archaic that a good part of this new generation doesn’t even know what they are. This wider market spells more business for your website.

A fifth of Americans are now going online via their mobile phones. This figure rises by the year. In 2009, $1.6 billion was spent on smartphones. 93% of Americans have a mobile gadget. People go online 13 hours a week using their laptops, which some predict could go up once they shift to mobile.

So what do all these figures mean? Mobile is the way of the future.