PPC Analytics

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: November 6th, 2018 | Updated: July 24th, 2019


PPC Analytics

Campaign optimization is an ongoing process to increase conversions and essential to PPC success. Analytics provide the invaluable insights needed to keep your campaign performing and delivering increasingly better results.

By analyzing the data facilitated by PPC Analytics, it can identify the places for improvement, ways to increase conversions and ways for editing the campaign to reduce the costs. It does this by showing how people are engaging with your website, how many people get converted, and when visitors leave the site. Analytics will also show you at which step people are discouraged from moving ahead towards purchase/conversion and much more.

PPC Metrics

Metrics are how we measure and help drive campaign results. There are many to look at, but here are the basic ones that can help answer valuable questions about your campaign’s performance.

Cost per acquisition (CPA) – CPA tells you how much you spend on advertising to get one conversion (purchase, subscription, etc.).

Clickthrough rate (CTR) – Your CTR shows how often people are clicking on your ads, but doesn’t tell you how often they’re purchasing from your business.

Conversion rate – Conversion rate will tell you what percentage of those who clicked on your ad ended up purchasing. Example: 50 conversions from 1,000 clicks, 50 ÷ 1000 = 5 percent conversion rate.

Impressions – Shows how often your ad was displayed on a search results page or site on the Google Network.


Search terms report – lets you know which search terms people used before seeing your ad and clicking it.

User locations report – shows the physical location from which people made the search. If customers are coming to you from a certain area, you can then update your campaign so it directly targets them.

Geographic report – shows what locations triggered your ad people had shown interest in through searches or content they have viewed. If customers find you looking for certain locations, update your campaign to offer what they’re looking for.

Return on investment

Using PPC analysis you can find out your return on investment (ROI). This tells you how effective your ad spend is. ROI is calculated with this formula: (Profit – Cost) / Cost. Example:

If your ad resulted in $1,200 of sales for a product that cost $600 to make, and your advertising cost was $200, then your ROI is [$1,200 – ($600 + $200)] / ($600 + $200) = 50% ROI.

These are just some things we use to gauge and optimize a PPC campaign. It takes quite a bit of study and experience to use all the data and information available effectively. When PrimeView manages your PPC campaign, we spend a lot of time tweaking these data points, bids, campaign settings, ad copy, keywords, negative keywords, and many others to make sure you get maximum results from your ad spend.

There is so much to know about running a PPC campaign, this has just been an overview of why analytics are so important to PPC. To learn more read about PPC Landing Pages and PPC Keywords.

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