Introducing The PrimeView Write A Review Plugin

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: June 4th, 2021 | Updated: August 9th, 2021

Reviews are extremely useful for consumers when they are doing product research. Before making a major purchase, most shoppers will check for reviews on review sites or your website. Researchers estimate that over 90% of mobile and internet-savvy consumers are doing so. Therefore, online reviews from your customers are critical. 

Online reviews directly impact key performance measures, including:

  • Ranking on review sites.
  • Ranking in search engines
  • Overall online reputation score
  • Overall sales and conversion rates

In addition to these four benefits, as a business owner, you need to know your customer’s opinions of your company and their experience. Reviews give you a way to evaluate customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve your business and bottom line.

It’s good to ask for reviews

How can you get more reviews? You can ask customers to review your products or services. However, this means they have to take the time to visit review sites they know or find and compose their write-up.

The solution. PrimeView has developed a user-friendly and straightforward plug-in for your WordPress site to collect and display reviews! Easy for you to add to your website and, importantly, easy for customers to use. Simply add the link to any page where you want to encourage reviews, and your customer will be taken to the Write a Review page.

What’s on the Write a Review page?

First, they have a choice to review your business online at Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Clicking on the choices takes the customer directly to your review provider if you are enlisted there and have a Facebook page.

On the Write a Review page, customers can give your company three specific star ratings, Service, Will Recommend, and Total Experience.

Next, the customer is given a form to add a review summary and the complete review.

A unique feature PrimeView has added to our Write a Review plug-in is customers can submit private feedback! 

You have loyal customers who have done business with you and have been very happy with your service. In some instances, they may have had an issue but don’t want to tarnish your name. The Private Feedback feature allows them to let you know about the matter privately. 

Take a live look at the review plugin  here.

Where do the reviews go?

The customer reviews are stored on your WordPress dashboard. There you can approve the reviews to be displayed on your site. This allows you not to display negative reviews. However, not showing some bad reviews may not be the best choice.

If all reviews are positive, potential customers may be suspicious and think you’re hiding something. Then they may not trust the positive reviews you do display. Most consumers know that no business is perfect, so a few bad reviews won’t necessarily turn people away. 

With the collected reviews, you choose how and where to show your reviews on your site. Options include as a Slider, Masonry, Summary, and more. After a review submission, the customer can be redirected to a specific custom Thank You page that you have designed.

Write A Review Customization

There are many ways to customize the Write A Review Plugin to match your branding and preferences. Following is a complete list of the many customization features.

Main Features: 

Website Frontend Features:

  • Allows site visitors to submit Reviews to your site
  • Also allows customers to submit optional Private Feedback
  • Add External links for other Review sites like Facebook, Yelp, etc.
  • Configure the Criteria you want to be rated
  • Configure the Private Feedback you would like to collect
  • Show your Reviews on your site, including a Slider, Masonry, Summary, etc.
  • AJAX-based so your reviews page doesn’t need to be reloaded when viewed

Administrator Features:

  • View your Review Summary ratings
  • View your Top 5 Best Reviews and Critical Reviews
  • Allows you to restore Trashed Reviews
  • Allows you to redirect to a specific Thank You page after submission
  • Change thank you message after submission
  • Notify an email address when a submission has been submitted
  • Customize Review List using ready-made layouts
  • Change CSS using the Custom CSS Appearance field
  • Configure how many reviews you want to show on the site per page
  • Shortcode-based for easy implementation with your WordPress site
  • Shortcode attributes customize the slider, list, or form on how the shortcode renders
  • Import existing Reviews with sample data provided with a .csv file
  • Export Reviews on a .csv file format
  • Accessible data via WP JSON API Endpoint
  • Uses commonly used libraries like FontAwesome, OwlCarousel, Bootstrap
  • Widgets available for Elementor

Wait, there’s more!

PrimeView QR Generator Plugin

Another PrimeView plug-in that can add functionality to your Write A Review plugin is our new QR Generator Plugin for your WordPress site. Having a QR code that links to your review page can have many more reviews flowing into your business.

QR (Quick Response) Codes allow you to store a URL or essentially any kind of information that can be easily scanned by mobile phones. You can then tag physical items such as your products. 

The user doesn’t have to write down the URL. The URL appears on their mobile phone and takes them back to the Write A Review page or any page of your website, preferably to a mobile landing page.

What makes our QR plugin better than the many free ones online? The PrimeView QR code generator has the added feature of its ability to track previous QR codes. So as you use them for different things, then go back and see what you did and what their benefit was. Included are configuration and training in its use. 

Main Features: 

Website Frontend Features:

  • Generates QR Code that can redirect to your desired URL
  • Option to add an image or logo to the center of your QR Code

Administrator Features:

  • View all your generated QR codes
  • Add a short URL to the bottom of the QR code to redirect into your desired link
  • Customize the content to show when scanned
  • Customize the size, margin, color, and background color of the QR code

So, there you are. PrimeView is working exhaustively to find new ways for our clients to achieve victory in their climb to success.

If you would like to get more reviews with less work, why not contact us now? PrimeView will get you set up with the Write A Review plug-in and the QR Code Generator!