Growing Your Business with AdWords, Phoenix Web Design and SEO in Arizona

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: April 10th, 2019 | Updated: August 5th, 2019

Whoever said – “We don’t go online – We live online” understood something very important in marketing. Digital and our devices have become an extension of us and the environments and situations we’re in. We’ve moved from a time when we ‘went online’ and had sessions, to a life that’s lived through a series of digital moments. This is a fundamental shift we have to come to terms with.

Digital Marketing is Constantly Changing

The digital landscape has transformed in just a few years. Google updates its algorithm dozens of times every year, with several being major updates. This requires us to do things differently as the things that are important change.

The MULTI-TOUCH Customer Journey

In the past, if you had a website with good content and relevant keywords, it showed up in search. People would click on it, make a phone call, and you had some business.

Now the situation is different. The digital marketing playing field has become vast. You need to be seen everywhere and touch people at multiple points. Customers see your brand in many places before becoming a lead, and most places are not your website.

There’re many ways for people to either find you – or find your competitor. Make sure you’re there every step of the way of the customer journey, especially with search.

Many things need to get done – publish content to your website and social media – handle your directories – manage your ads, etc. You need to make sure all these marketing activities are done in the correct way. You don’t have to focus on everything, all the social media, and other touchpoints. You need to focus on the things that move the needle.

Search and discovery have evolved dramatically, we must now consider 4 factors:

  1. Recency – How often you publish content, change keywords or touch directory listings.
  2. Relevancy – How relevant the things you publish are to your business.
  3. Proximity – Google wants to deliver the best search results including ones that are the closest.
    Geolocation is a BIG FACTOR in digital marketing today. Almost everyone has a device that tells the search engines where they are.
  4. Prominence – Be in many places. Scale activities to be everywhere on the internet

With everything else, that’s how you succeed.

Focus on Mobile

Mobile has significantly changed the customer journey in three big ways:

Cross-Platform Mobile App for Business

  1. We want it now. We don’t have the patience anymore. Remember when we used to wait until we got home to Google something?
  2. We have higher and higher expectations about what we find. We want relevance and frictionless experiences. We aren’t impressed when messages are tailored to us; we expect it.
  3. We also make unscripted decisions—we have more loyalty to the moment than we have to a particular brand—this is GREAT NEWS for small businesses competing with larger, more established, brands.

Digital Marketing

Building A Digital Marketing Program with PrimeView


Websites that stand out among a sea of competitors

It all starts with your website. This is your home base presence on the internet. For web design in Arizona, our Phoenix web designers can build your site on WordPress because it is SEO and mobile-friendly and easy to update content frequently so Google can find you. If you are not getting the results you want from your current website, PrimeView can redesign or upgrade your site to get more traffic, drive more leads, and increase your revenue.

PPC / Google Ads

Drive sales and grow your business fast with PPC

The foundation of our digital marketing programs is Google Ads – a way to get more leads and get them quickly. We build these programs around landing pages, track the calls and make sure the programs are manageable. If Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not delivering the results you want, PPC is a great way to reach your goals. Google Ads is the single most used PPC advertising system in the world.


Keep Your Brand in Front of People After They Leave Your Website

Remarketing is an online advertising technique that allows you to position targeted ads in front of people that have previously visited your website as they browse elsewhere on the internet. Remarketing helps make sure you remain top of mind as your potential customer weaves through the complex path to purchase. If done right, it can drive huge returns for your business.


Increase Indexed Pages of Your Site

Written content is the most important element of your website. It is what tells your story, what brands you, what set’s you apart from the competition, and what ultimately leads to sales. PrimeView can provide you with a beautiful website design that offers a great user experience, but without the right content delivering the right message, it will go nowhere.


Build relationships with prospects, leads, current customers and past customers

Email programs are a method of communication that’s an important component of a healthy digital marketing program. Send promotional messages to your customers or people in your database. Email is a responsive way to get additional business. There are techniques for writing emails that get people to read them. PrimeView can write emails that get a response and manage an email marketing campaign for you.


Keep your website dynamic

Every website should have a blog. A blog gives you the relevancy and recency that is needed. A successful marketing program includes relevant content that is targeted to the people you want to be customers. You need to publish that content frequently. PrimeView can create this content and handle content marketing campaigns that get your website to the top of the search engines.


A powerful way to grow and influence your audience

The customer journey involves several steps before they engage with your company, and social is a critical part of that journey to a decision. A casual posting of random comments or pictures on Facebook will not get you very far. There is a lot to know and learn to get your brand well known and deliver new customers. PrimeView can effectively manage all of your social media assets.


Make sure you have a presence everywhere

Local Business Directory listings are a very important Google ranking component of your website playing a vital role in reputation, rankings, and revenue. We make sure your company name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent across all directories. Updates may include changes to a photo gallery or adding a new review.

Get started with success!

PrimeView’s digital marketing services such as growing a business with AdWords or social media marketing for Arizona clients help local businesses scale all these activities efficiently covering a lot of bases. If you can do this, you’ll be able to succeed in ways that national businesses can’t and outperform them locally.

Contact us now and we can build a custom digital marketing program to get on the way to having the success you deserve!