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The Great SEO Software Roundup for the Small Business Owner: Keyword Research and Ranking Part 2

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SEO Software and ToolsIn the first part of this two-part blog, we discussed the importance of keyword research and the role it plays in achieving a successful online marketing campaign. Other noteworthy keyword research tools worth considering, on top of those

  • ubersuggest (keyword suggestion tool)
  • WordTracker (organized user interface; results sorted by competition and volume)
  • SearchLatte (look up Google SERPs based on your specific search queries and parameters)
  • YouTube KeywordTool (keyword ideas for your videos based on your own suggested phrases)
  • Colibri IO (advanced monitoring platform for conversions, SEO, and traffic)
  • (seamless keyword research tool with detailed suggestions)
  • Kgen (Firefox add-on that generates keywords based on strong queries on visited pages from within search engines)
  • Soovle (compare top search terms in different major search engines)
  • WordStream (covers all aspects of the keyword research process)
  • Keyword Eye (visual search optimizer and competitor research tool)It is crucial that the keywords that you choose to rank for your website are directly connected to the products or services that you offer, not to mention are already garnering a lot of queries in search engines.

Now the best way to keep track of that and find out which keywords are ranking or not, is by using a software that is specifically made for that. Here is the list for keyword ranking statistics.

STATSearchAnalytics – STAT provides rank statistics and SERP analytics for the experienced SEO. Track unlimited keywords data from any location across the globe for the best analytics you can find.

Clicky – Ready to see your competitor web analytics in real time? The Clicy app gives you that and more, allowing you to monitor individual vistors and actions with startling accuracy in the web app.

Free Keyword Rank Checker – Keep tabs on your keyword ranks for Google, Bing, and Yahoo in more than 100 languages and country configurations. You can also track rankings over time and look at rankings from specific cities.

SEscout – SEscout offers a detailed view of your domain and search engine keywords with hourly updates, rank tracking, and in-depth reporting for agencies. Sign up now for your SEOscout subscription!

Serpfox – Use the powerful and automated Serpfox for tracking your targeted keywords. Discover results instantaneously, and oversee changes to your keyword rankings through a period of time.

KeywordDensityTool – Zippy incorporates all the keyword data you need to know about a web domain. Enter in the site you’re researching, type in the keywords you want to configure, and see the full keyword report to optimize.

SpyFu – SpyFu offers several features for a trustworthy search marketing keyword research tool. Check out the competitive keyword assessment, keyword tracking, and rank analysis to learn more.

Rage Software’s SERank – This app is full of insight for your competitors and your own website! SERank encourages you to monitor keyword rankings from more than 100 search engines over time; try it out today!

WebPosition Reporter – Track your keywords from anywhere or anytime with WebPosition Reporter. In addition, easily view insights from keyword positions across all the major search engines.

Piwik – Piwik is a free, open-source web analytics software tool. It transmits insights on visitors, marketing campaigns, and more in order to optimize your online strategy!

Authority Labs – If you want to earn better rankings, start think about partnering with Authority Labs. Personalize your SERP tracking with competition, keywords, locations, and number of sites. Pricing is based upon your needs as an agency or SMB.

Bright Edge – BrightEdge should be your first choice for enterprise SEO solutions. Customize your SEO reporting, dashboard, and forecasting while collaboratng with your entire team on the perfect local, mobile, or social optimization strategy.

UpCity – UpCity is the perfect do-it-yourself (or alternatively, do-it-for-me) solution to improving your business’s SEO. Track your keywords on Google, Bing, and Yahoo on a chosen period of time, and monitor your overall SEO progress by using this robust tool.

Panguin Tool 2.0 – The latest Google update affected every business in some way. Do you care to see how? Panguin Tool gives you a before-and-after snapshots of organic and search traffic to your site.

YouTubeAnalytics – Monitor views, traffic sources, and demographic information to your videos with YouTube Analytics. Download reports for your traffic and look at which devices are sending the most views to your videos.

Microsite Masters – Welcome to reliable search tracking for SEO professionals! Use Microsite Masters to track keyword performance and test campaign ranking results over time.

SEO Rank Monitor – SEO Rank Monitor tracks your competitor data and website rankings. Who doesn’t want a tool that is low cost, no sweat to set up, and offers smart reporting?

Some of these tools we use, some we have yet to explore. What SEO tools have you used to further your search campaign? Share it with us!

Practice better SEO techniques today

It’s nearly impossible to achieve online success without the aid of SEO. If you are unhappy with your rank and require assistance incorporating keywords into your content, let PrimeView help you optimize your posts for ranking. Call us at 480-970-4688 today.

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