The Great SEO Software Roundup for the Small Business Owner: Keyword Research and Ranking

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: August 20th, 2014 | Updated: February 20th, 2024
The Great SEO Software Roundup for the Small Business Owner

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One of the most effective and surefire ways of getting your website to rank above the competition is by using keywords to rank for it.  When you choose the wrong keyword and insert it in your website content, then you are bound to redirect what could be your potential customers to competitor sites that are utilizing the right keywords. This is why part of a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign involves careful keyword research and planning.It is important for business owners like you to take note of the fact that search engines use a site’s keywords and phrases to help web users find the right products or services that they are looking for. If you handpicked your keywords, which should be specific to your industry, then your business website will be well optimized for these search engines.The key is to speak the same language as your target audience. When search engines detect that you are using keywords that searchers are typing in on their devices, you have a higher chance of ranking well in the search engine results pages (SERPs) or even dominating it.So how do you win a game that involves choosing the right words? Well, the key is to do research, choose wisely, and then to make your chosen words rank. This is why you need to create a list of industry-specific, high-ranking keywords that you will incorporate into your website. While there is no doubt that keyword research and ranking is well worth your time and investment, doing everything on your own can be overwhelming. You have to have the right tools to help you pick the correct keywords, so we have come up with a list of SEO software that will help you with keyword research and ranking.


Doing Your Keyword Research

Before you can aim to rank in SERPs and rise above other businesses targeting the same audience, you have to do your research and these reliable software will do just the job. SEO experts from all over the globe have continued to depend on these software for the information about keywords they are targeting.

Term Explorer – Term Explorer changes the way keyword research is done with its impressive features. The free option allows you up to five keyword checks daily, and once you decide to upgrade, you can analyze up to 1,000 keywords! You can even grab keywords in batches of 10,000, 25,000, and a whopping 90,000.

The Great SEO Software Roundup for the Small Business Owner

Source: Unsplash

Trellians Keyword Discovery – Utilize Trellian’s Keyword Discovery is a powerful keyword research tool, it compiles and measures keyword search statistics from major search engines on a global scale. You can use it to keep an eye on competitors and the buzzwords that are working for them, as well as the popular key phrases that consumers within your industry are searching for.

Market Samurai – Excellent for online marketers that need strong keyword research tools, Market Samurai is your key to getting those high-traffic, low-competition keywords and phrases that always make you one step ahead of your competitors. They won’t even know what hit them.

Long Tail Pro – Find keywords faster than most search tools out there. Generate up to 800 results for each seed keyword when you sign for the 10-day free trial or pay for $97 a month. Also allows you to look at competitor keywords, run a competitive analysis, and check keyword rankings on major search engines.

nTopic – nTopic provides your keyword content relevancy needs. If you need to know how a specific set of content works with a particular keyword, this is the tool for you! The software also offers an API for your site.

Google Adwords – Google Adwords allows you to research keywords and then advertise your business directly in the Google Search Engine. Optimize your daily budget to get in front of potential customers knowing what they search for online.

Google Keyword Planner, Google Correlate, and Google Trends – Think Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator combined. The Google Keyword Planner is considered the ultimate keyword search tool for creating profitable SEO campaigns. You can get historical data for exact match keywords and multi-platform search estimates, as well as keyword lists. Google Correlate, on the other hand, matches your searches with real-life trends so you can easily determine high volume keyword data for your site. The updated Google Trends tool, on the other hand, helps you find out search engine trends as well as provide you with searchable keywords to that matches your website.

Live Keyword Analysis – What the Live Keyword Analysis tool does is it runs a quick density test for your website’s highest ranking keywords. Just copy your content text straight from your site, and find how your keyword density will help your site content.

Bing Keyword Research  – Looking for a free analysis tool that is guaranteed to find keywords for your site? Bing Keyword Research will provide keyword data, research, and suggestions for your markets and topics.


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