Arizona SEO Services on a Budget: 5 SEO Money-Saving Tips

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: March 10th, 2021 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

If your business is in Arizona and you need search engine optimization, your not alone. After all, how can you have a significant online presence without SEO? You may have the most beautiful website in the world, but if it’s not seen on the SERPs (search engine results pages), what is the use?

Search engine optimization increases your website visits by increasing rankings in the SERPs for specific keyword searches relating to your business. To do this takes a lot of work and a good bit of money to rise above the competition and get a return on investment.

Primeview is a digital marketing agency in Phoenix with years of experience optimizing websites. We can provide affordable Arizona SEO Services that will boost your search engine rankings. However, if you’re short on dinero, we would like to offer you these money-saving tips on do-it-yourself SEO.

1. Build a list of relevant keywords 

keywordsThe very foundation of SEO is based on keywords, the words, and phrases potential customers are entering into search to find what they are looking for online. You can do your own basic keyword research using free tools online. WordStream, for example, analyzes the relevancy of keywords based on what people currently use to search for your type of products or services. 

Keyword research is something that can go very deep, taking experience and advanced paid-for tools. But just doing basic keyword research and adding your keywords to your content, whether on your website on social media, can boost your SEO. 

On Page SEO vs. OFF page SEO There are two ways to do SEO. Both are needed for maximum effectiveness: (1) On-Page SEO, optimizing web page content for search engines and users, and other factors like title tags, internal links, and URLs. (2) Off-Page SEO, anything you do to improve your rankings that doesn’t happen directly on your site.

For On Page SEO, start with optimizing your Content.

2. Optimize Content

Search engines are looking for the best and most helpful content for the specific keywords a user enters in search. To optimize your content, start by making sure it contains the keywords you discovered in the first money-saving tip. Don’t get carried away and use too many keywords in your text. Called “keyword stuffing,” it is something that search engines like Google may penalize you for in its ranking.

Also, to get the most SEO impact from a keyword, use them at the beginning of your title tag or headlines. For example, in this blog post, we wanted to promote the keyword “Arizona SEO Services,” so it is placed at the beginning of the title. This makes it easier for search engines and readers to know what your content is mainly about.

Search engines and your potential customers are looking for Content that is relevant and helpful in their search. Ensure your Content is not just a sales pitch but quality content that helps solve a reader’s problem. Also, check that all the spelling and is grammar are correct. It makes your brand look unprofessional if there are grammar and spelling mistakes.

To keep visitors and search engines coming back to your website, you need new content added regularly. Blog posts added at least once a week is one way to do that. If you don’t have a blog section on your site, make one now.

If you don’t have any good writers on your team, outsource the task. PrimeView offers affordable content writing services to write relevant blog posts for you, web pages, and other content types.

3. Image Optimization 

Having visual content like photos and videos enhances any website. It keeps your visitors engaged and can help readers understand your information. Search engines don’t see your images, they know they are there by the HTML code behind the scenes of your site, but they won’t know the subject.

The way to get around this is to add image alt tags and descriptions. Alt tags show in your website’s code. Add image alt tags and descriptions when any images are loaded to your site using relevant keywords—doing so will boost organic traffic and your digital presence.

4. Build a Robust Social Media Network 

Using social media like Facebook is an example of Off-Page SEO. When search engines see your brand mentioned elsewhere on the web, it gives your site more authority, a rating metric.

Social media helps you connect with your target audience. By developing those relationships, you can increase exposure to your brand and content and increase the likelihood more people will know about you through sharing. What makes this a money-saving tip – it is free to post on social media!

Facebook and Twitter are good for consumer-facing businesses. B2B companies can add Twitter and LinkedIn to Facebook. Add Instagram or Pinterest to your social media if you have a lot of beautiful images. Last but not least, post videos on YouTube if you have any.

5. Increase your Page Speed 

Page speed is how fast the Content of a page on your website loads and is essential to your website’s success. What does the speed of a page load have to do with SEO? Google has used site speed as a ranking factor since 2018. 

Fast loading pages give site visitors a better user experience and are often rewarded with a higher ranking. Slow websites can have a drastic increase in bounce rates, which is the percentage of visitors who don’t stay but leave and view other websites.

How can you increase your page speed? You can use PageSpeed Insights, a free Google tool that reports your website’s speed on mobile and desktop devices. A score of 90-100 is the perfect score. If your score is in red, you will have to work on improving the score.

The report will tell you exactly where your site needs speed and performance improvements and offers solutions. Visit PageSpeed Insight Scores, enter your URL and see how your page speed is scored.

Let PrimeView be your SEO guru!

There are many other things you can do to improve your SEO. We have a team of talented SEO professionals, marketers, and writers to get any business seen online. Contact us for a free consultation, and you may find that we can offer valuable help that can match your budget.