6 CRM providers for startups to watch in 2022

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: January 15th, 2022 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

It’s no longer news that CRM or customer relationship management thrives in this digital era. Depending on the industry it is employed in, it has variable factors that affect customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and switching cost, according to an article from Asian Journal of Beauty & Cosmetology. That’s a booming beauty business for you.

Other small-scale startups in other industries may also innovate their business with the gold standard for exceptional customer relationships.

Have a look at these 6 CRM providers for startups to watch out for in 2022 in no particular order.


Since 1996, Zoho has been delivering a great deal of mixed customer management features.  One product from the Zoho line is Zoho CRM. It’s cloud-based, so you don’t need to have the software taking up space on your computers. Zoho’s integrated customer relationship management platform can meet the needs of businesses and industries of all types and sizes. As your company grows, you can always depend on Zoho as a scalable and enterprise-ready solution. It’s also an integrated omnichannel system that supports phone, email, live chat, social media, and in-person meetings. With many additional functions and features, Zoho can do just about anything you may need.

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Another CRM provider bent on helping startups is Hubspot. This inbound marketing software has various tools and add-ons at your disposal. The platform contains a freemium model which freelancers, first-time business owners can use. No wonder Investopedia proclaimed it as Best Free Option for 2022. 

And speaking of platforms, it’s a comprehensive one that is compatible with different platforms for integration. Its solutions are modular and scalable, which includes but not limited to sales, marketing, marketing, service, and operations.

Again, regarded as offering the most comprehensive free plan, Hubspot is accessible to even the smallest startups.


If Hubspot was declared as Best Free Option, Pipedrive was Best Value. Best value because you gain more while working less. In terms of tracking emails within the software, controlling the sales, using leads, it’s a frontrunner for small businesses. 

Since this CRM provider operates on an activity-based design, Pipedrive is big on tracking reports, supporting workflow automation, scaling the business, and measuring the overall performance of a growing company. 

Like Bigin by Zoho, Pipedrive allows you to create customized pipelines, monitoring and closing deals by dragging and dropping the pipelines. It’s a straightforward, easy-to-use software for aspiring businessmen.


Just looking from the logo, Salesforce gives you a hint that it functions on a cloud-based system. Where you currently are is one less problem if that’s the case. It makes the rest of the other core business processes efficient like IT, customer support, sales, and marketing which is beyond CRM.

Salesforce also employs a strict multi-factor authentication system that detects if you’re using the same device in logging into your account. A setup such as this suggests that it’s not just suited for small businesses.

Its most prominent feature is its integration with other software. Sounds like a common ground for all CRM software, but the catch is, it can add other features based on your needs like task management, opportunity tracking, and a perceptible mobile-friendly dashboard.


Freelancer? Sole proprietor? Freshworks is considered Best for Solo Business by Investopedia. You don’t have to juggle from platform to platform, and your solution can be found in one spot. If you’re just getting started, Freshworks, a cloud-based system like Salesforce, help you focus and save time.

Freshworks offers ten products on its website. One is Freshcaller solution marketed for small businesses looking into optimizing their call center with powerful automation, voicemail, a call center mobile app, a dashboard, and call metrics, among others. You can build custom apps that fit your business needs.

Another highlight of Freshworks is its leads and sales organization. An Al platform is also on standby to respond to your needs and predict them with intelligent analysis.

With its analytic and organized structure, you can plan a summary of recent progress email campaigns while collaborating with other platforms supported for integration.

Zendesk Sell

Small businesses seeking a breeze in high-level lead management and contact organization will like Zendesk Sell. This makes it faster to streamline sales for potential customers. It provides a solution with robust analytics and support. 

It has a user-friendly interface for beginners in the business scene and is easy to integrate with third-party apps. It has at least three plans built for small businesses, namely Sell Team, Seal Professional, and Sell Enterprise.

Zendesk Sell’s sales strategy is multi-channel communication. This ties in with their edge in tracking and nurturing their leads. It has an advanced mobile CRM application that uses GeoVerification, and visit tracking.

It’s also recommended for freelancers or solo business owners looking for a reliable business account management software system. 

The CRM vision: Come Raise Money

Being service-oriented and people-centered are core principles of every business. These CRM providers prove that a core business process shouldn’t only be secure and efficient, it should also be simple as possible. Sure, there’s a level of complexity that comes with a centralized system that offers an atomistic real-time view of customer information, but the goal must always be a better customer experience.