4 Tips to Make the New Google Maps Ads Work for You

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: June 15th, 2016 | Updated: July 24th, 2019
4 Tips to Make the New Google Maps Ads Work for You

Source: Google

Google has just tweaked its Maps feature, bringing new improvements that highlight local search ads. This is a great advantage for businesses, since it means that another avenue for internet-inspired marketing and advertising has opened up. In addition, having a search presence in Google Maps will also help in your overall online rankings. “With location-related mobile searches growing 50% faster than all mobile searches, it’s clear that consumers are moving seamlessly between online and offline experiences. So it’s important to help marketers think this way too,” Google mentions.

How can you take advantage of this new opportunity to make internet marketing work for you?

  1. Be familiar with promoted pins.

The new local searches on Google Maps rely heavily on local businesses, and the changes reflect this. In the new search criteria, Maps will display promoted pins on a client search. These pins will display not just the whereabouts of the business and how to get there, but any current deal or promotion too. This works in your advantage, since it will make your business stand out from others in the area. For example, customers who are asking where to get medicines are more likely to go to your pharmacy if you have a current deal or promo, since your ad will be on top of the search list.

  1. Check out the revamped local business pages.

If you already have a business page linked to Google Maps, you will have to check and update it. Google has integrated new customization options with the business pages. Now, promoted pins will be linked to your business page, and on-going deals and promotions will be displayed along with business information. Apparently, Google also wants customers to check out product inventories even before they decide to go to a business place, and will add this feature soon.

  1. Keep data feeds up-to-date.

This is one of the key information that doesn’t change in every search apps or business pages. You will need to regularly check and update contact details for your business, since much like Google Maps, internet search features are always in flux and are getting upgrades regularly. These improvements may have added (or deleted) a line or two from your contact information. Data feeds are not limited to contact details though; with the new update, you should also regularly check your product or service inventory, as well as shopping and promotion feeds. Much of the system involved in customer matches has to do with updated information. The more useful and current data you add to your business page, the better your online presence.

  1. Improve page rankings.

Soon, Google will roll out a full version of a filter feature for Google Ads, including those pop-ups in Maps. This means that users will be able to whittle down their search results based on a number of options like popularity, most rated, nearest place, and such. A constant top ranking for your online presence through competent and skillful internet campaigns will go a long way towards being a top search result in Google Maps.

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