Top 10 Zoho CRM Extensions for Enhanced Productivity

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: July 15th, 2023 | Updated: March 1st, 2024

Did you know Zoho offers a collection of over 1800 ready-to-use extensions? Within Zoho CRM, users can discover integrations across a dozen categories, including sales, marketing, customer service, finance, collaboration, and telephony. With these extensions, you can supercharge your lead generation, create proposals, issue sales invoices, generate reports, and so much more – all from within Zoho CRM.

Salespersons typically rely on several tools to initiate and complete sales processes. The inconvenience of switching between different applications can result in scattered data across multiple systems, decreasing productivity and creating unnecessary confusion. By leveraging the best Zoho CRM extensions, salespersons can connect their productivity tools to their CRM, breaking down data silos, eliminating the need for constant application switchovers, and allowing them to devote more time and energy to their main goal: selling. Zoho CRM is a business owner’s steadfast partner, assisting at every stage of the sales journey, from initial calls to successful closings.

Top 10 Zoho CRM Extensions for Enhanced Productivity

Best Zoho CRM Extensions for Success

The following Zoho CRM extensions have the power to unlock the full potential of your sales endeavors.


1. SMS-Magic

Texting has emerged as one of the most preferred modes of business communication in today’s digital landscape. 80 percent of professionals use text messaging for business purposes, and 61 percent of consumers say they prefer companies to contact them through text while at work.

Adopting the communication channels your customers prefer can attract more leads, expedite your time-to-revenue, and cultivate customer loyalty. With SMS-Magic, CRM managers can engage with prospects and customers through various messaging channels and directly from Zoho. Moreover, these conversations go beyond individual messages, boosting response rates, encouraging meaningful dialogues, and forming communication chains that promote open and ongoing discussions.


2. MailChimp

The MailChimp extension for Zoho CRM enables seamless synchronization of your campaigns and subscribers on both platforms. You can choose between one-way or two-way synchrony, tailoring data flow according to your needs. This integration can import all contacts and leads based on your mapping settings. As for your email campaigns, they will be automatically imported into the Zoho CRM campaigns module, enhancing your ability to track and analyze overall effectiveness.

Top 10 Zoho CRM Extensions for Enhanced Productivity

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This LinkedIn extension for Zoho allows salespersons to conduct efficient searches within their CRM database. Instead of assigning a team member to make manual searches, it can quickly pinpoint the most relevant and up-to-date information for leads and contacts on LinkedIn.

Using the full name and company details a lead provides, this sales navigator enables marketers to establish and nurture valuable connections. It bridges the gap between a CRM and LinkedIn, facilitating enhanced engagement and personalized outreach.


4. WooCommerce

This ready-to-use extension synchronizes your WooCommerce store’s historical and upcoming data in a few clicks, simplifying management and allowing you to plan, implement, and analyze targeted campaigns. With real-time logs and streamlined data handling, you can improve customer relationships, accelerate business processes, and leverage Zoho CRM workflows to grow your online business without pain.


5. Shopify

Shopify, renowned as a leading eCommerce platform, empowers businesses to establish and manage online stores. Now, with the Shopify extension for Zoho CRM, you can synchronize customer data, sales information, and product details between the two platforms in real time. This integration offers a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and enhance customer management.

Top 10 Zoho CRM Extensions for Enhanced Productivity

6. Facebook Adverts Manager

Facebook lets you promote tailored advertisements or content that target a specific audience at varying costs based on your ads’ reach and engagement. Once you launch an ad campaign using Facebook adverts, you need to gather all the data from the ad and manually import everything to your CRM system. Unfortunately, this manual operation can be tedious and time-consuming. You can, instead, expedite the process with the Facebook Adverts Manager extension for Zoho CRM.

This extension can pull all ad data automatically, syncing Facebook Adverts, campaigns, and accounts to Zoho. Using this integration, you can also assess and measure the success of your campaigns from within the Zoho CRM platform.


7. Zoho Sign

Experience simplified document signing, enhance your workflow, and ensure timely follow-up actions with the Zoho Sign extension for Zoho CRM. This add-on allows you to send signature-required documents to contacts stored in your CRM database. With SalesSignals integration, you will also receive instant pop-up notifications within the Zoho CRM system, keeping you updated on the status of your signed documents. Best of all, this helpful extension is free to download and compatible with multiple Zoho CRM models, including Standard, Professional, Enterprise, CRM Plus, Zoho One, and Ultimate.

Top 10 Zoho CRM Extensions for Enhanced Productivity

8. Google Drive

Take control of your file management practices with the Google Drive extension for Zoho CRM. From Docs and Sheets to Slides and Forms, this integration allows you to set dedicated folders in the cloud-based storage service for each lead, contact, and deal within your Zoho CRM. It can upload files, create and rename folders, and organize all documents by dragging them to the appropriate destination. Staying organized has never been easier.


9. Kanban Board

Effective management becomes more crucial as your team grows and your business projects expand. With Kanban Board for Zoho CRM, you can organize and monitor all the necessary activities and data in a comprehensive manner. This extension offers a complete overview of your operations, saving valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to constantly track each deal’s progress in the pipeline or the number of pending tasks assigned to your team.

Kanban Board allows you to create multiple boards based on a module’s list view or record ownership. By using one of the pick-list fields, it segregates data into columns, providing a clear and concise visual representation.

Whether you’re working with standard modules or custom modules, Kanban Board adapts to your specific needs. Furthermore, for seamless integration with third-party software such as ZenDesk, SurveyMonkey, and more, you can create dedicated boards to manage data from these external sources.


10. Slack

Slack is worth $26.51 billion as of 2023. More than 3 million people pay to use the messaging app, and 65 percent of Fortune 100 companies rely on it to communicate and manage projects on a daily basis.

Share information, hold phone meetings, receive SalesSignals notifications, foster collaboration, and benefit from a broad range of features designed to streamline team workflows. This communication channel helps users stay connected with their colleagues, ensuring everyone has access to the essential information they need.


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