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Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: September 4th, 2019 | Updated: May 21st, 2020

PrimeView Launches ValTac Tactical Gear Website

PrimeView Launches ValTac into the Stratosphere of Ecommerce

Phoenix Arizona — If you are into outdoor sports in Mesa, Arizona then you are probably familiar with ValTac Tactical Gear ValTac came to PrimeView for our ecommerce website design services wanting to develop an ecommerce website for their tactical gear and outdoor products.

Since they were a brand-new enterprise, PrimeView got them off to a start by developing a microsite to promote the upcoming ValTac site that has now been released in January this year. 

ValTac Tactical Gear sells quality outdoor products including clothing, tactical gear & equipment, and EDC (Every Day Carry) products by popular name brands. ValTac also offers the MedTac “SAVE-A-LIFE KIT.” The physician designed package contains essential tools to save a life by stabilizing a patient until they can receive comprehensive medical treatment. 

Meeting the demanding needs of our client

ValTac Tactical Gear was looking for an ecommerce solution with an open and flexible architecture that could produce engaging shopping experiences. They needed enterprise-grade scalability and performance to handle their future growth along with optimal marketing and analytical functionality.

For customers to have trust purchasing online, ValTac required Secure Payment gateways and a variety to satisfy their customer’s payment preferences. They also wanted to have a flexible and easy to use administrative options that improve the customer’s shopping experience.

For these reasons, among other requirements, such as an ecommerce solution easy to maintain and upgrade, their website was built on the Magento 2.2 platform.

Magento is an exceptional platform with many useful built-in features that provide ValTac’s online business tremendous flexibility for customization and integration. The many possibilities allow them to satisfy varying online shopping preferences.

ValTac also wanted their ecommerce tactical gear website to perform flawlessly and efficiently for a smooth customer experience.

Performance is one of the main features of Magento 2.2. With over 50% faster page load speeds across catalog and checkout pages, the customer experience is enhanced, improving conversions. Full-page caching is built into Magento 2.2 which allows for faster speeds by reducing the number of disk reads and network round-trips.

Custom Design and Implementation

PrimeView took earnestly to ValTac’s vision and needs for their eCommerce website and created a custom homepage design and applied it to the Magento 2.2 platform. Inner pages including Posts, eCommerce Pages (Product, Category, Checkout, and Accounts) were designed for a uniform look based on the homepage header, footer, and color.

Other custom features implemented included:

  •  A responsive Slider was installed as a header that displays featured ValTac products.
  • Mobile responsiveness optimized with AMP – (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for faster loading of products and purchase functions.
  • A powerful, easy to use web-based, multi-channel, multi-carrier shipping solution designed to facilitate the order fulfillment process for a Magento store.
  • An advanced SEO Suite to optimize specific categories and product groups for specific search terms.

ValTac into the Stratosphere of Ecommerce

PrimeView also provided Arizona SEO and digital marketing services. Visit their website here:

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