Why SEO Keyword Research is Important to Business Success

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: May 6th, 2019 | Updated: July 26th, 2022


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Since you are reading this blog, it’s likely you entered a search term that included “keyword,” and particularly keyword research, which delivers 304,000,000 results. With this plethora of articles on Keywords, how did we get you to read this one out of those thousands of others? PrimeView, as a Phoenix and Scottsdale Search Engine Optimization and Arizona web design company, we start by performing expert keyword research.

Keyword Research is a fundamental search engine optimization (SEO) practice to promote your business on the internet. To make your site rank high in Search Engine Results, it is important to find keywords that attract the right customers to your site. Research needs to be done to find the most relevant keywords to a market, the ones people will most frequently use to search for your product or services.

There are many Keyword Research tools both free and paid, that help to discover keywords. However, to find the precise ones to prioritize, an understanding of SEO keywords are needed.

Also, you need to who your target market is and how they are searching for content, services, or products. Without knowing these things and applying it to your keyword planning or a marketing campaign won’t be as effective as it should.

SEO KeywordsUnderstanding SEO Keywords

There are three basic types of keyword phrase queries.

  1. Dresses —Short Tail – 1 word
  2. Prom Dresses—Mid Tail -2 words
  3. Where do I buy prom dresses? – Long Tail, 3 or more words

Most searches are the mid-tail with two words. Two keyword queries are very competitive. It is hard to get high on the page ranking with these terms. A longer search phrase is more targeted and specific than a shorter search phrase. This makes them less competitive.

Long tail keywords work well in page headers, links, and browser titles. They also need to be in the body of the web page content; however, they must not be overused to get higher search engine rankings as search engines penalize this abuse.

Search engines do not choose keyword phrases in isolation but reference them on related content and quality. You should use search query phrases together with high-quality web content and landing pages that complement them; also, they must link to relevant topics.

Search Intent

Search IntentSearch Intent or keyword intent is the final goal of the use of a search engine. When a user is searching online, whether short tail, mid-tail or long tail, users will have a certain intention.

There are three main types of search queries that have been identified by search experts.


  1. Navigational queries – Find a certain website or webpage.
  2. Informational queries – Find information about a specific subject.
  3. Transactional queries – an action is imminent user is making a buying decision or become a lead.

Search engines try to understand both the meaning of the word and the search intent. So, when doing your research and choosing an SEO keyword, consider search intent.

Keyword Metrics – Data-Driven Decisions

When choosing target keywords, it is important to pay attention to certain metrics. Doing research, you will find information on things such as keyword popularity (search volume) keyword rank and keyword difficulty. You might think a keyword that has a high number of monthly searches will be good, but then you need to consider its difficulty.

There is a good deal of metrics to consider as you go deeper into research with keyword tools. This takes quite a bit of experience to navigate through the data and use it to choose the very best keywords. This is an ongoing process as keyword rank changes over time. Therefore, you need to have someone who is educated in keyword research and understands all the data and can apply it to your search engine optimization needs.

Scottsdale Search Engine Optimization

PrimeView is a Scottsdale SEO company that can help your business be successful by ensuring your website and its content are keyword optimized. Our Arizona SEO team does deep research to find relevant and traffic generating keywords to get you on top of the search results.

We can also ramp up your campaigns with PPC using Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). The Google keyword planner has extensive and valuable keyword data PrimeView’s SEO team can use to give your business a competitive edge. Because it is a paid service Google created it can quickly get you in front of customers looking for what you offer on Google, the #1 search engine.

Keyword Research Tips

While keyword research and SEO are deep subjects that are ongoing studies, there are some simple solutions for the novice ways to do simple keyword research.

One is right in front of you every time you do a search on Google! Another is a free extension for Chrome called “Keywords Everywhere.” Just using these two methods you can gain some useful insight into your research. For example, we will do a search for one of PrimeView’s keywords that has a high search volume and gets us a lot of traffic, Arizona SEO.

Look right under the search bar. You will see the volume (monthly searches) the Cost Per Click when using AdWords, (Google Ads) which gives you an idea how much it will cost to get you on the first page of the SERPs, and the competition.

Google search

Then with Keywords Everywhere installed you will see this list on the right of the search page.

Keywords Everywhere.

So, there you go. You can do keyword research without spending a dime!

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Keyword Research is the basis for search engine optimization (SEO) to promote your business online. If you’re not getting the results you expect and need from your website, there are several probable reasons for this. First. your web design may lack necessities such as user-friendliness, mobile responsiveness, and technical SEO. Second, your keywords are not based on careful research.

PrimeView’s Arizona web design and SEO keyword research expertise can provide the ROI you need from your website and digital marketing. Contact us today and let’s get busy with your business success!