Rocking the Boat: Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: January 16th, 2017 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

Are you wondering how other small businesses use social media to generate more sales? Time and resources are small business owners’ personal demons. As you finish reading this article, you will get an insight into the magic behind the success of small businesses in social media marketing and will give you some of the proven platforms ideal for small businesses.

Rocking the Boat Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Having an Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account will keep a business tuned into the customer base and will drive traffic to the website.

You can learn how to be successful in social media, marketing with fewer resources and marketing staff. Research has proven that customers are using social media to interact with brands and that’s why it’s crucial to have an effective social media marketing plan to make your presence felt on the web. If appropriately implemented, you will tap into the interest of your potential customers and bring remarkable success to your business.

Social media marketing is an internet marketing used to implement various social media networks to achieve branding goals and marketing communication. The type of marketing involves activities that include the aspect of social sharing of videos, images, and content for purposes of marketing as well as promoted social media advertising. The following is how you can improve your marketing strategies using social media.

Start with a plan

Think about the goals you have for your business before you begin the process of creating a campaign for social media marketing. Brainstorm about your goals: who is your target audience? What do you hope to achieve by the approach? What information do you plan to reach your target audience via social media?

Develop your primary goals

Social media marketing for small businesses can help with several goals like:

  • Creating the identity of the brand and positive brand association
  • Increasing the website traffic
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Improving interaction with the principal audiences and communication.

Some helpful tips to help you with your social media campaigns include:

Content is the most important. When it comes to social media marketing, the content is what matters most, and it must be consistent with other areas of online marketing. Ensure that you are giving valuable information appealing to your ideal customers. Create a variety of compelling content through implementing social media, videos, images, and infographics on top of the classic typed content.

Planning. As mentioned earlier, building a marketing plan is essential in social media marketing. Consider interesting keywords and content ideas for your target audience.

Consistent brand image. Using this particular type of marketing enables your enterprise to project the image of your brand across several social media platforms. The original identity of your business should remain consistent while as you give each platform a unique environment and voice.

Blogging. Blogging is an excellent social media marketing tool that enables you to share a broad range of information with your clients. The blog of your business can serve as the social media marketing blog by blogging about your most recent social media events, contents, and efforts.

Other links. It’s advisable to share links to outside articles as you share your own original and unique content to gain more fans, followers, and devotees. Linking to outside sources improve readability and trust, and you might probably get some links in return. Never shy away from sharing sources with valuable and significant information interesting to your target audience.

Measure your success with analytics. You will have to track data to measure and determine the success of your social media campaigns and marketing strategies. Google analytics tool can help assess your progress in social media. To do it better you will have to attach tracking tags to your marketing strategies to adequately monitor them.

Social Media for Businesses

Available platforms

Facebook ideally requires you to create a Facebook business fan page. It’s good to pay careful attention to the layout because the visual aspect is essential for a Facebook experience. In Facebook people go to chat and relax with friends, that’s why you have to keep a friendly and light tone. These platforms allow you to engage in conversations with your potential customers by posting business-related images, videos, and articles.

Twitter enables you to broadcast your business updates across the web. You will follow tweeters within your industry and related fields to gain a steady stream of followers in return. Your official tweets should include discounts, special offers and news updates which are fun and interspersed. When a customer tweets, make sure you retweet and answer the questions thrown at you. Be sure to interact as much as possible when using Twitter as a social media marketing tool because it revolves around communication and dialogue.

LinkedIn is a more professional social media marketing site. The groups in LinkedIn are a great avenue for sharing content with like-minded individuals and engaging in professional dialogue with other people within the same industry. Encourage your clients to leave a recommendation on your profile because they make your small business look more reliable and credible for new customers. In the questions section, provide answers to earn more trust.

YouTube Is the best place to create video content which is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for social media marketing. Focus on making an instructive and useful video that will benefit your business and have an added advantage of ranking on Google video search result.

Paid social media marketing

Paid social advertising is a highly cost-effective method to reach more of your customers. You can get your content and other offers to a huge audience at a very low cost if you play your cards smart.

Social media platforms allow you to focus your budget on particular types of people most likely interested in your business.

The behavior of buyers is pertinent when building marketing strategies. When you invest a good time in profiling your target audience, you will realize its worth because everything that works on social media isn’t random and it works for particular reasons.


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