Pinning Interests on Pinterest is Good for Business

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: August 10th, 2012 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

Pinterest IconThink of your college dorm or your old room in your family’s house. Right in front of your desk, there’s usually this corkboard stuck to the wall where you pin your favorite pictures, sayings you customized on a paper, clippings that caught your fancy on the newspaper and maybe a memorable note passed to you in class. While you have your personal pen holder and carefully chosen mouse pad, that pin board says more about your personality than anything. This is where Pinterest based their foundation on. That as people are moving their life from the real world to the virtual one, so should the concrete things in our life like our pin board.

If you’ve noticed, what made social media a growing archetype is that it can say more about people’s personality than anything. That’s the appeal. And that’s the appeal of that virtual corkboard Pinterest that it has become one of the biggest social networks after just two years.

Facebook and Twitter are personal about their thoughts. They may share a quote but it’s still reflective of what’s simmering beneath their surface. YouTube, on the other hand, is a performance art of their individualism. See those covers of just about any Billboard hit that became internet sensations? Those were more sincere self-expression than vying for fame.

Pinterest is picture based. It gathers images and wall quotes people have assembled while trawling through the internet. These virtual things help define either who they really are or who they want to be.

What worked for the current generation can work well with businesses. As we said, personalization is what appealed people to social media. And it’s a more personal social media marketing that people are longing for. Most often than not, internet users have developed an allergy to sites that are advertising their products too much.

It’s revealing your soul that people get a kick out of. Nobody wants to read some content material on your page that sounds like a business letter. Or come across a robotic response to your comment where you need a Turing test to determine if it’s really a human being who wrote it. It’s your most candid words they prefer reading.

Easy Like Sunday Morning
Pinterest is probably the easiest way to be personal on the social media marketing. You just pin any picture you see on the internet that tickles your fancy. Since we’re a Phoenix SEO consultant, a nice photograph of Arizona could be nice on our pin board. We could also put an image of a mobile phone.

Or better yet, a picture of an iPhone with a dazzling Arizona sunset as wallpaper. Now that would really best describe the things that interest us. But while this is something personal for us, this could also pique the interest of other Pinterest users.

The thing about Pinterest isn’t because you want to catch the attention of potential clients. But because you just want to be expressive about what interests you. It’s this more honest approach that makes people notice you. Forget for a second that you’re drawing business attention. Just be yourself.

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