How To Patent A Website Idea

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: March 25th, 2013 | Updated: April 23rd, 2020

The arrival of e-commerce paved the way for online purchasing. A lot of people actually enjoy shopping online especially busy folks who can’t be bothered going to brick and mortar stores. In addition, people from all over the world can also purchase stuff not usually sold in their respective countries. With this comes the dilemma of programmers and website designers. Can they protect their works from duplicators? Yes they can by filing a patent for it! These days filing a patent for a website design has become a reality with just a few steps.

1. Do some research first, compare your e-commerce website’s most distinctive feature to all sites related in the field. You can personally make that trip to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Search Room in Virginia or visit their website instead. Make sure that you are fully capable of presenting evidence of a concept or development that only belongs to you. You have to apply for the patent and present concrete evidence in order to get your patent.

2. Go to the United States Copyright Office and apply for a copyright. Go to the website and submit an application online by going to the Electronic Copyright Office page which falls under the How To Register a Work link. You are only required to fill out only one form. Once you have clicked on the form you can now fill out every information needed on the form. As a suggestion, copyrighting your whole website is the best idea but other than that, you can also copyright intellectual property.

3. Go to the United States Patent and Trademark website and submit an application for a trademark on your website’s name. Be sure to do some minor research on your chosen name first to guarantee that it’s not yet trademarked. If it hasn’t been trademarked just yet go straight to the Where Do I Start page, scroll down until you chanced upon Trademark Electronic Application then send an application for a trademark.

Applying for a patent will ensure that nobody is going to steal any of your work. It will also provide you the right to file a lawsuit against people producing, selling or copying your work. A patent on your website alone will impede others from ruthlessly trying to take advantage of your designs or creations. In addition, you can also opt to sell it together with the intellectual property and promote your creations with other people to arrange a business focusing on it. You can also provide the license to somebody yet hold and keep the intellectual property rights to yourself.

You have to take care of your creations these days because the Internet is a huge, vast place. There had been plenty of instances wherein artworks, songs and manuscripts were either plagiarized or stolen by people who want to profit from other people’s work. Patenting is a process wherein you get all the rights to your designs or inventions thus you will be protected from all of those underhanded schemes. For more information regarding website creation, you can always heed the advice of a web developer near your area. If say you are living in The Copper State and need recommendations about website development Arizona has expert and affordable website design services you can check out. They might even toss their two cents with regards to patenting website ideas.

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