Five Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: February 20th, 2017 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

Email marketing, in its broadest sense, is any type of commercial message that is sent to a group of people via electronic mail. Some companies would enlist the services of an advertising agency or a marketing company to handle this aspect of the business for them, although some companies handle this function on their own. It is typically seen as an effective marketing tool, particularly in terms of expenditure as an email marketing campaign is easier to execute than other marketing campaigns. Its effectiveness is also easy to gauge as companies can usually determine which sales come from email marketing in comparison with other deals and promotions.

However, some companies are unsure of how email marketing can exactly benefit their business. Here are some of the ways through which it can bolster sales and revenue.

It can increase sales

The bottom line is that email marketing is an effective tool when it comes to boosting your sales. By sharing information about your products and services, your potential clients would be able to see how valuable your items are and they would, therefore, be enticed to buy.

You can send promotional emails that highlight deals, sales, discounts, and special offerings. You can even offer perks such as free trial or shipping. This way, customers would be enticed to try out your products at minimal cost to them.

Likewise, you can also reward your loyal clients with special offerings that are targeted towards them when you get new arrivals or items. This way, they would feel as if you value their business, making them appreciate your efforts more.

Stay relevant

You can increase brand recognition and thereby keep your brand on-top-of-mind by sending out regular emails. When your brand image and name are frequently on their inbox, they would start to recognize it even outside. Displaying your brand elements will also build brand awareness.

For example, if you are in the weight loss industry and your logo is of a girl with a tape measure around her waist, this image would be ingrained into the mind of your customer. Then if this customer is talking with a peer who is talking about weight loss, this image can be recalled on the customer’s mind, leading to a possible conversion on your end. This also increases the possibility that your clients would talk about your brand with their peers.

Showcase your authority

One of the popular ways email marketing is used by businesses is by providing a newsletter on the latest industry trends and insights. This way, the brand showcases itself as an industry authority, bearing the latest news and practices that benefit the whole industry.

Likewise, you can provide email marketing to send tips about your products. You can give them instructions about the product other than what it is designed for. For example, if you are selling pots, then you can send an email enticing users to use pots other than for plants. This way they would have more value for their money and would remember that it was your brand that led them to this discovery.

As such, your target market would then be able to see your knowledge of the industry. They would come to think of your brand as a trustworthy business, making it easier for you to entice them to try out your products and services.

Expand your network

Aside from making you more trustworthy, consistent email marketing efforts can help you boost your business by helping you connect more with your target market. Your audience would be able to keep in touch with you on a regular basis, thereby keeping your products and offerings fresh on their minds.

On a related note, by being visible to your target market, you would also be attracting new opportunities, particularly in terms of speaking engagements, joint ventures, and more. Say for example that one of your subscribers is in the petroleum industry, and you happened to publish a newsletter talking about the benefits of using your products to save gasoline. Your subscriber might be enticed to talk to your marketing team in order to bolster a partnership that would help them market their products while at the same time embracing the possibilities offered by your company.

If they come to recognize your brand as an authority and a trustworthy ally in the industry, then you might be presented with opportunities that weren’t even on your pipeline before.

Improve customer retention

You can also improve customer retention by sending regular emails and encouraging them to make more purchases. You can even do this for customers that have fallen off the grid and you want to entice them to come back.

A good way to do this is by sending out “We miss you!” emails. These emails would be sent to previous clients who have not made a new purchase within a time period set by your team. You can offer them special deals when they return, such as free shipping or a big discount. Likewise, if your customer has expressed previous interest in a product that quickly went out of stock, then you can send them a reorder email and tell them that the product is now available.

The ways through which you can improve customer retention through email marketing are endless. All it takes is a talented wordsmith who can convert your message into intriguing passages that would make your customers come back for more.

These are just some of the ways through which email marketing can boost your business. It is important to remember that as a marketing tool, your message is important to get these benefits across. Therefore, you should focus on sending the right message to your subscribers to keep them coming back for more, and to recognize your brand as the authority that it is. This way, you would be improving your brand retention and opening your brand for more possibilities – opportunities that you wouldn’t have encountered before if you hadn’t embraced email marketing.