Critical Tools for the Small Business Owner: Using Copyscape to Prevent Content Theft

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: October 23rd, 2013 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

More and more business owners are finding it necessary to set up their own website in order to reach millions of web users that are looking for their products and services on a daily basis. However, with the continued Google search updates, websites with original content will rank higher than those with stolen or duplicate content.

This is why many good natured businesses that have had their content stolen without their knowledge experience lower rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs), as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines are weeding out any site that it deems to have copied content from another websites.

Fortunately there is a tool that can help you determine whether each and every sentence published on your site is 100% original so you can do the necessary actions to prevent experiencing severe penalties from Google, which most certainly have great repercussions on not just your overall rank, but on your brand reputation as well.


How can Copyscape help?

Copyscape is a very useful tool that is used by many search engine optimization (SEO) companies to determine how unique a particular content on a website is. It can be used to scan single articles, blog posts, and even whole websites.

For business owners who are on the lookout for any copied content on their respective sites, Copyscape can help them pinpoint which websites have similar content, as well as indicate how much, in percent, have been copied.

It addresses two serious threats, namely content fraud and content theft. Content fraud is when you pay for third party writing services but are sold dated articles or given copies that have been stolen from other sites, while content theft is when sites directly steal marketing copies on your site.

Critical Tools for the Small Business Owner: Using Copyscape to Prevent Content Theft


Why Choose Copyscape?

Copyscape is very straightforward and easy to use. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to figure out how it works. All you need to do is copy the URL of your website, paste it in the provided blank, click the Go button, and it will start scanning the web for “impostors”.

How? It will cross-check the content of the URL you provided against other published content that on the web and inform you which ones have . This is what the free version of Copyscape can do. However, if you want a more comprehensive originality checking online, the you may get the Copyscape Premium, which is ranked #1 in its category in many independent tests.

What the premium version does is it it can tell you whther you copied content from another source and allow you to review and compare the original content with yours. You can also determine which websites have copied content from your website.

This is why Copyscape is regarded as a crucial tool in the fight against plagiarism. Overall, it is truly a great tool that can be utilized by both business owners and internet marketing firms in the development of quality SEO content. Starting at only five cents per scanned page or article, Copyscape gives entrepreneurs the peace of mind that they need, knowing that their websites are running with original and high quality content that will rank high in Google and SERPs.