Top Web Design & SEO Links April 13

What’s cooler than a million dollars? Facebook buying Instagram for a whopping 1 billion dollars! Who would have known?!  What brands do you see in the tech industry with the potential of being swallowed by the giant that is facebook? Speaking of brands, here are the links around the web about brand design and a few more links you might find interesting.

A collection of stunning brand designs for your enjoyment.

Some people say email is dead, we say it’s the manner of which you send your emails! Here are 7 reasons to send an email newsletter.

We love free fonts, and we’re more than willing to share other people’s freebies…

Do you have a  client who wants to launch an app or are you currently creating one for a client? Read up on the art of launching an app and you might pick up a thing or two.

Pinterest has gone up as #3 most popular social network site, and it pays to know more about it, so here’s an introduction to Pinterest for you

Lastly, here’s a refresher- Tips for seo web design & site architecture.