Web Design

Web DesignPrimeView works with each of its clients to brainstorm, develop, and create an individualized website design catered to specific client goals.  After a complete analysis of the client’s business, our experienced design team works to produce an effective website design that will stand out from the rest.

The following are important design aspects PrimeView incorporates into each client’s website:

LAYOUT – There are four basic website design elements every website needs in order to be successful. They include the header, navigation, content, and footer. Together with an attractive web design, PrimeView ensures each client a standout website. PrimeView develops a website’s layout with these elements in mind.

  • Header: Located at the top of a website design, the header often times include the overall navigation for the website as well as a business logo and tagline.
  • Navigation: The navigation organizes the website and helps the website visitor easily reach the information desired. It can be located within the header at the top of the site or vertically along the right or left side of the overall website.
  • Content: This includes the actual written information about the client’s business. Updating the content on a regular basis is important so visitors have a reason to go back to the site.
  • Footer: The footer may not be the most interesting part of a website design, but it is a necessary web design element because it usually contains links to other areas of your site or links to other websites pertaining to the business, and copyright information.

BRANDING – It is important to have a unique logo and single message to give people viewing a website. This makes the business purpose clear and focused and helps the website stand out from the competition. PrimeView works with its clients to create distinct business branding to drive Internet traffic, and overall, to generate revenue.

ACCESSIBILITY – Having a website that is straightforward and easy to understand is crucial because it allows visitors to navigate through the website effortlessly. Website visitors will remember a specific site because of its good usability and will be willing to return to the business’s site. PrimeView is dedicated to designing sites that accommodate target markets and work with clients to implement a website that will have repeat site visitors.



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