Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Budget

PPC Budget


Arizona Internet Marketing PPC Budget

Your PPC budget is your money and PrimeView will work with you 100% to make sure your campaign runs smoothly and effectively. You will receive bi weekly PPC Reports on each of the keywords running in your campaign. These will show you the keyword’s average cost per click (CPC), Impressions (the amount of times your word has come up in search but not clicked), and how much money that word has spent. This is so you can modify your budget and tell us if you would like to remove a word that hasn’t brought in targeted clients and possibly redirect those funds to a different word or phrase.

Pay Per Click is a quick way to put your site on top of the search engines and bring targeted traffic to your site. PrimeView provides PPC on Google and Yahoo, the two biggest search engines bringing in millions of people daily. PrimeView will work with you to ensure that you have a profitable Return on Investment (ROI).

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