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Winners Books wanted to update their site to better capture the excitement and enthusiasm for sports the millions of readers of their publications have and to capture more leads. They turned to PrimeView for help. We gave them a new modern website design that indeed captures the winning spirit - and more sales. This website is a real winner!

Services Provided for Winners Books

In addition to the web design of the Winners Books website shown here, Prime View has provided a comprehensive digital marketing campaign including:

The results have been incredible!

Key Website Features:

We created a web design for the Winners Books website that entices viewers to purchase their books and improved their lead generation. Viewers are immediately met with winning visuals and a “BUY THE BOOK NOW!” button link. Scrolling down, animated pictures zoom in calling attention to the products and the benefits. Near the end an opt-in form for a newsletter captures leads.

Visit the Winners Books website to see it in action and to get the full impact of this winning website! If you are in the publishing industry and would like to create your first website or upgrade your current site, please contact us.

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Client Background

Ultimate Winners writes and produces commemorative books about winners of professional and collegiate sports. The books have 192 pages, a free poster, and are offered in commemorative casebound hard copy and glossy softcover about winners of professional and collegiate sports.

Author Tom Zenner oversees every aspect of the publication of Ultimate Winners and writes each word. He has a diverse sports media background and expertise that allows him to instantly identify with fan bases in every major sport in every major city.

The team at Winner Books has worked inside professional and collegiate sports and media at the highest level for over 20 years. They know exactly how sports fans want to celebrate a championship season.

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