Sunrise Jewelry & Gallery Advances to Online Sales with WooCommerce

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: August 1st, 2021 | Updated: September 14th, 2021

Phoenix, Arizona August 1, 2021 – Sunrise Jewelry & Gallery, a Jewelry store in Old Town Scottsdale, offering authentic Native American jewelry, and crafts wanted to migrate their website to WooCommerce. 

PrimeView, a Phoenix web design firm, was contracted to do the project. Sunrise Jewelry and Gallery also contracted PrimeView to implement a Digital Marketing Campaign. WooCommerce migration projects involve a series of steps and actions to create an effective eCommerce solution for a business. Migration to an efficient and more suitable platform for the business allows more advantages, flexibility, and features.

Sunrise Jewelry & Gallery had two requests for their new WooCommerce website. One was to base the navigation and categories on, another client of PrimeView who successfully sells jewelry. User-friendly eCommerce site navigation is essential to the success of any online shop, especially for those that have many items, as Sunrise Jewelry does. The other request was to add a gift certificate extension to their WooCommerce website.

Gift certificates, also called e-gift cards or digital gift cards, contain a gift code assigned by the brand sent via email. People love it when they receive gift cards because it allows them to choose their preferred gift. Buyers of gift certificates don’t have to worry about giving receivers something they already have. One hundred billion dollars is spent with gift cards every year, so it was a wise request for Sunrise Jewelry and Gallery to make.

Following are the steps performed to launch the client’s new WooCommerce site.

Website Design and Implementation

  1. Create Woocommerce Store Design – Products are displayed on the shop page, so it’s one of the most important pages in the store. An attractive and user-friendly design brings more sales. It’s a pre-designed component of the store. However, PrimeView’s skilled developers customize the shop page to stand out from competitors with a responsive redesign.
  2. Implement Store Design and Develop Website – Inner Page templates were redesigned, including product pages, cart page, and checkout page. Feature Sets were installed, including Contact Form 7 and Contact Form DB, a Mobile Menu, Mega Menu, and the Gift Certificate Extension.
  3. Product and Content Management                                                    

Content and product data were recovered, and a product photoshoot was done for Sunrise Jewelry products, and content data were migrated to Woo Commerce.

  1. Payment system and order fulfillment set-up

Customers will never shop with a retailer again following a negative delivery experience in the payment and order fulfillment process. PrimeView ensures the ecom web development has a user-friendly process in any 3rd party receiving, processing, packing, picking, and shipping an online order to customers.

  1. Server Setup and Security                                                      

Finally, the website was set up on PrimeView’s server, cPanel was configured, and the SSL certificate was set up. Also, SendGrid, an advanced email delivery service, and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) were set up. A CDN is a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide fast delivery of Sunrise Jewelry’s content.

Website QA (quality assurance) was performed before the new site was launched.

Digital Marketing Campaign

No website ecommerce or otherwise will deliver results without effective digital marketing. Sunrise Jewelry & Gallery also elected to contract PrimeView, experts in digital marketing, to promote their new site. Three main actions were implemented to help realize a great ROI on their investment into WooCommerce.

Local SEO

A monthly program that covers two major areas of optimization – onsite content and backlinks. This program increases local visibility via citation building and guarantees unique, relevant content for the website regularly. Google looks upon both areas as trustworthy and credible signals that can help float the Sunrise Jewelry site to the top of the SERPs.

Organic social media

Creation of accounts on the major social media sites for the brand with social media posting three times a week was implemented.

Local Google Map Ad Campaign

Via the Google network, a lead generation campaign to increase the reach of our Scottsdale client’s target audience, including landing page creation, was added.

Contact Sunrise Jewelry & Gallery

If you would like to learn more about Sunrise Jewelry & Gallery and view their many incredible products, visit their website at, or call 480-425-9944 & 480-994-0170.

Address: 7254 E Main St., Scottsdale AZ