PrimeView’s Website Refresh & Enhancement for Westech Recyclers

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: October 1st, 2019 | Updated: April 3rd, 2020

Phoenix Arizona —  If a website has been around for a while there comes a time when you may think it is time to rebuild and redesign your website. However, there is an alternative that you may not know of, and that is a Website Refresh. This method leaves the core of your website’s functionality and code intact but gives it a new look and additional functionality if needed. 

This is the path that PrimeView’s client, Westech Recyclers, chose. PrimeView obliged them and then did many things that make it almost like a new site, but not. 

Westech Recyclers is a full-service electronics recycling and asset management (ITAD) company. An important service that businesses concerned with their personal or business information being exposed when disposed of should use. When not disposed of properly, and just thrown into a landfill, electronic equipment with important data can be exposed.

According to Westech: “Of the total electronic waste that is created yearly, only 12% to 20% of it gets recycled. This means that approximately 85% is sent to the landfill and this problem grows larger each year with the growth of aged-out electronic products.” 

PrimeView’s goal is to help Westech reach out to many more companies and get them to dispose of electronic waste by recycling rather than sending it to a landfill. To this end, the following was done.

Westech Recyclers

Website Refresh: Mobile and Desktop Device Responsive

PrimeView began by refreshing the overall look and feel of the homepage template. Then the header and footer design were migrated over to the internal pages for a uniform and seamless look. All designs were based on a mobile-first philosophy to be responsive to standard mobile device and desktop resolutions.

Custom work was done on Westech’s category landing pages for community/involvement for better user experience and focused topic layout. Additionally, their Category Landing Pages for Service were customized to improve the look, click rates, and conversion goals.

Improvements were done to the Mobile Menu to make it more customizable for an enhanced experience. The new menu gives users the feel of an “app” as opposed to the clunky and dated default mobile menu feature.

To improve CTR (Click Through Rate,) drive more traffic and increase conversions, the Westech website was optimized for organic search by:

  • Cleaning up the top 10 pages of the site based on a site audit report run on their website 
  • Keyword optimizing metadata for maximum search engine exposure
  • Implementing Schema markup for optimized visibility in the SERPs

Other Features that were installed during the Website Refresh include:

Hero Image Controller -This dynamic controller enhanced the functionality for changing/updating images on the top fold or any location that uses images.

Contact Form DB – A plugin that connects with the current contact form and captures the data in the website’s backend for added reference and tracking.

ZOHO Sales Chat Tool – A real-time online live chat software for websites to increase sales, support and improve customer service that can track and engage 5K visitors/month.

CallRail – The PrimeView developers also Installed this tool that tracks, records, and analyzes call data coming from specific numbers to the website.

CDN – This extension enables users to host product images on a separate server which can improve page load time. For a website that has a large amount of traffic, using a CDN speeds up response time.

Dedicated Authoritative Mail Server – Westech’s default mail server had issues that often ended up with mail being tagged as spam. PrimeView configured the new website to use SendGrid, a superior mailing system that tracks and generates reports on mail for marketing research.

Westech Recyclers is a reputable electronics recycler in Phoenix. If you have computers, servers, hard drives or any other assets that contain personal or business information you need to dispose of, they guarantee Secure Data Destruction. Westech encourages you to make a difference to the environment by proper recycling of your electronic waste. 

Visit their website now to learn more or arrange a pick up of equipment at

Contact Info:

Westech Recyclers
220 S. 9th St. Suite 400A
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(602) 256-7626 – phone
(800) 700-8545 – toll-free
(602) 252-6098 – fax