How PrimeView helped the Arizona Department of Education

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: December 12th, 2011 | Updated: October 18th, 2022

“Community colleges play an important role in helping people transition between careers by providing the retooling they need to take on a new career.” –Barack Obama

Your choice of elementary school, middle school, & college will help you determine your career in the future. Education is one tool you can have in your future. I can say in a way besides having the knowledge and wisdom and the ability, it will help you face and solve any trials in the future. And since we are talking about education, the community board of education plays a very big role in one’s personality. For example in Arizona, public schools are separated into two hundred and twenty local school districts and each of those operates independently, however, these schools were being taken good care of the Arizona State Board of Education, which is a division of the Arizona Department of Education.

Having said that, The Arizona Department of Education had previously opened their hands into reconstruction, they have contracted PrimeView, a company who was based in Scottsdale to build and make a new face to their website. PrimeView, specializes web designs and online marketing. For over 26 years in the industry, it has helped a lot of established and starting businesses in the whole United States. PrimeView provides complete Internet solutions, be it web designing, online and offline marketing strategies, SEOs, as well as ecommerce and application development, it has all the updated and the most available knowledge for technology and marketing expertise that help each company asses and establish their online strategy, needs and goals as well. PrimeView being the consultant and web designer of the Arizona Department of Education has made the website more attractive to its readers. They added some important menus in it, which includes the Career and Technical Education menu which let interested people apply for the position that they want to get in ADE. PrimeView made the site very user-friendly and it has been updated, maintained, designed properly and is now functioning very well. It is nowadays, very easy to navigate and the site has been very informative. They have sorted the menus properly and carefully fixed all the unnecessary stuff in there.

There is also one important menu in the website that will let us know the improvements of the schools. This is under the Accountability school improvement, its mission is “to build LEA capacity through a comprehensive system of support that ensures effective and sustainable teaching and learning environments that result in high academic achievement. “ It is really such a great opportunity to make a review to this kind of work. The website has been perfectly made for the convenience of everybody and I think this is one great step into fulfilling one community’s dream, “to make good leaders, and good persons through giving the best education. “

Now we can see that this is one big step for the Arizona Department of Education into fulfilling their duties and responsibilities in the community. Now more opportunities will be opened for everyone.

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