Hospice of Yuma gets Website Redesign and Upgrade

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: November 13th, 2019 | Updated: May 21st, 2020

Phoenix, Arizona – PrimeView, a Phoenix web design, and digital marketing agency, has completed the website redesign and upgrade of hospiceofyuma.com.

Hospice of Yuma, Yuma’s only non-profit hospice, initially reached out to PrimeView because their website was hacked. They asked for help to undo the damage that had been done, particularly the issue where their Gravity Forms were no longer working properly. This was preventing new patients from contacting them to learn about their services. To fix the site and prevent further attacks from hackers, Hospice of Yuma contracted PrimeView to provide website support, security, and maintenance.

As they worked with PrimeView on these issues and developed a relationship with CEO Peter Liefer II and the team, they realized PrimeView had a lot more to offer. Their team of 30 professional web designers and developers and graphic artists could redesign the Hospice of Yuma website to better serve the community. Hospiceofyuma.com definitely needed updating and improving, so PrimeView was given the job and implemented a total website redesign.

Peter also realized that they had an important service and was inspired to offer them free hours to fix the hacking issue.

“A Hospice has been a huge help for me and my family. They helped us through some very difficult periods. We are happy to help this valuable community resource.” Peter Liefer

Hospice of Yuma gets Website Redesign and Upgrade

Improvements and design updates

Elements of the homepage and default internal pages were redesigned to have more visual information to make it easier for visitors to access information. The look and feel of the website were created based on an understanding of user experience and the latest in web technology.

More importantly, the Hospice of Yuma website was optimized for standard desktop and mobile resolution. Being mobile responsive the site can now adapt depending on the standard display sizes of the device on which it’s being used. This optimization can help increase traffic to the site and improve customer engagement.  

Features and functionality added include:

  • An SSL certificate to ensure the security of the website
  • A mobile menu plugin 
  • Contact Form 7 & Contact Form DB with Inquiry Capture which logs visitor info for reference
  •  A CDN (content delivery network) extension to host images on a separate server to improve page load time.
  • SendGrid, a spam-free cloud-based email delivery platform was configured for the new website as it’s a mailing system that also tracks and generates reports of emails for marketing research.

About Hospice of Yuma

Hospice of Yuma began in Yuma in 1979 after a local group of medical professionals attended a hospice conference in Phoenix. They returned to Yuma and recognized that the community had a need for hospice services. In 1981 Hospice of Yuma was established as a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) charity with the IRS. Now the only hospice provider in Yuma County provides patients and their family members with quality care and compassion.

Visit their website hospiceofyuma.com or call (928)343-2222 to learn how their team of professionals and volunteers can help.