Arizona Department of Education New Look by PrimeView

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: December 12th, 2011 | Updated: October 18th, 2022

Arizona Department of Education (AZED), motto is to serve Arizona’s education community, ensuring every child has access to an excellent education. One way of realizing this motto, is reconstructing AZED website. The aim of this activity is to provide easy access to AZED services. PrimeView , a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is responsible for the new look of the website.

PrimeView, specializes in web designing and online marketing and has helped more than five hundred established and starting companies in the United States. With over 26 years of experience in the industry it has been proven its knowledge to Internet solutions which includes web design, website hosting, page layout consultation, online and offline marketing, search engine optimization, ecommerce and application development as well.

The Superintendent

Arizona Department of Education elected such an intelligent and dedicated Superintendent, John Huppenthal. In his statement, the superintendent really sees the beauty of having an educated community, he has successfully authored and passed over 200 bills which really focuses and emphasizes his burden to quality education. His goals including improving vocational education opportunities for children is a very smart idea, children in Arizona is very fortunate that they have someone like Mr. Huppenthal.

Reviewing how the site was made, it feels good to see the updated series of programs that they are planning to have. Under the Communications and Innovation Overview, they have added new things like the Arizona Department of Education’s list of programs that shows all the important programs and automatically directing you to the program that you want to see.


Its mission is to promote the development and implementation of special education through the proper allocation and distribution of federal funds. Proper funding processes ensure students with disabilities reach the highest level of achievement possible in school, the work place and the community.

And it is true that if the government is helping itself to promote the proper distribution of its funds, major things will surely be done, most especially in the field of education, because it is one of the most important gift that a person can attain.

Job Opportunities

PrimeView as the developer and page layout consultant of the site also included a page wherein people who are interested to get a career in the Arizona Department of Education can also view what are the opportunities and vacancies they might be qualified in. It is a smart idea that the site has almost everything, starting from the simple piece of information up to the most important ones.

It is not a simple task to improve a website, most especially it is a government website where people usually click on to it every single minute of the day. It is very nice that the Arizona Department of Education had chosen such a knowledgeable and strategic online page layout consultant company who seriously and deliberately did their very best to make the website as informative as possible.

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