Social Networking

Companies can receive a lot of exposure with the help of social networking and social sharing sites as a part of overall social media marketing strategy. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Flickr can be utilized to help create company buzz. PrimeView will utilize its experience with social networking and social sharing linking strategies to help your company receive extensive exposure, driving overall sales to the next level. Through social networking and social sharing sites, companies are able to better reach and engage potential and current customers, build and maintain a company brand and strategy, generate leads, and respond to client feedback.


FacebookFacebook – Whether you want to create an ad campaign to generate more leads for your business, or you want to be up to date with what’s on your customer’s mind, PrimeView utilizes Facebook to maximize its marketing potential to benefit your business. Drive more traffic to your site  or engage in conversation with your customers both current and potential through Facebook.

TwitterTwitter – The news you saw on TV or read in the paper today? You’ve probably seen that way earlier on twitter. As the prime micro blogging service on the internet today, twitter enables its users to send and read text-based posts which is 140 characters formally known as tweets. Twitter rapidly gained worldwide popularity with about 200 million users as of 2011; it is also described as “the SMS of the Internet”. Having said that, PrimeView also uses this site as its tool to take advantage of the 1.6 billion searches it generates per day.

LinkedInLinkedIn – Be seen in one of the most formidable authority sites on the web today.  PrimeView creates and optimizes the professional profiles of its clients, from doctors, attorney, or famous individuals.


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