Why You Need a First-Rate Landing Page to Convert Pay Per Click Ad Prospects

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: January 7th, 2020 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

The advantages of pay per click advertising are many. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools available when managed properly. PPC advertising benefits include; it broadens your reach and targets the right audience, gives you total control of your ad spend, drive leads and more.

However, when you’re running PPC Ad campaigns, to get the most conversions, you need to send prospects to a landing page. A lot of PPC managers will do keyword research and run a lot of ads but don’t even consider landing pages. Their Pay Per Click ads will just take ad viewers to an ordinary page on their website.

You should NOT send PPC ad traffic to a standard page on your website!

Your website may have a beautiful design and provide a lot of information for visitors, but possibly isn’t optimized for conversion. Many web designers are more concerned with the look and functions of a website, not how well it converts.

A landing page has but ONE PURPOSE, to get people to perform a specific action such as fill out a form, download a PDF, create an account or call a number. A Call To Action that turns visitor clicks into quality leads for your business.

Ad Spend ROI

To get your money’s worth from ad spend, you need to have a landing page design exceptional at converting visitors. If your landing page doubles your conversion rate, then you are getting double the amount of leads for the same ad spend.

Moreover, your competition probably isn’t even using landing pages or doesn’t even know what is a landing page. This gives you a competitive advantage in your market. You will get more leads than competitors do for the same money spent and will pay less per lead than they are.

If you’re not getting the leads you need to justify the ad spend, later you may stop your campaign. But put a lot of effort into the design of the landing page, you can get leads for half or more of the cost. Then you’ll be inspired to increase your daily budget, and therefore your revenue.

A/B testing your landing page design

Landing page A/B testing is essential if you wish to increase conversions and maximize your ad spend. With every marketing campaign, you should experiment between two or more pages to discover which fantastic design performs the best. By seeing how much traffic you get to one version and how much to another, you can get evidence about which one works best.

You can also make decisions on which landing page is best based on how people behave when they land there. Are they following your call to action or are they just bouncing off? How long do they stay there? The various data that can be collected can help improve the design and optimize your landing page for conversions.

The foundations of a killer landing page

PPC campaigns such as Google Ads should have ad groups that focus on a single product or service, not everything your business offers. This way ads will be more relevant to more customers. So, your landing page for those PPC ads needs to focus on that one product or service. The goal isn’t necessarily to make a sale but to generate a lead. So, don’t go overboard with high-pressure sales techniques.

Keep the page simple and focused. Normally the page should have no top navigation and few if any links besides the CTA. You don’t want any distractions, just sufficient information to encourage the visitor to take the intended action. You are not trying to answer all the questions a prospect may have.

In one minute or less, a potential client should get all the info they need to understand the main benefit or benefits you offer. This should be evident in your headline, sub-headings, and bullet points. If you do this effectively, the chance that they will convert is much greater.

Basic landing page structure

Who is your target audience? First off, in the main heading or subheading begin with a specific niche, for example, “People who want to learn web design.”

What are their pain points? Spell out a real struggle your target audience is trying to cope with. Dig down deep into their pain. What makes them so frustrated? What do they wish was different about learning web design? “When I see my design live it looks like a 6-year-old made it”

What solution are you offering? How will you make their goal of learning web design easier? Show your target audience how you will improve their lives with a “Comprehensive step-by-step video course on web design.” You can create a video that shows some of the lessons they will get and how easy they are to understand.

Why should they trust you? If your landing page visitors need to give you an email address or other information, they need to know something about you. Here are some good ways to tell visitors why they can trust you:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Social proof
  • Your bio (work experience, clients you’ve worked with)

What action do you want them to take? (CTA) Your landing page should have one primary call-to-action. Now that you’ve shown you understand their problem, tell them clearly what to do next. If made and placed properly, it will remove friction and send the potential customers down the sales funnel on their way to conversion.

What every landing page should include

A first-rate landing page clearly defines its value to your audience and generates leads and ultimately conversions. But designing one that does that depends on your specific audience, brand, and industry.

However, these features can be applied to any target audience, brand or market:

  • An explainer video further detailing the offer and its value
  • Relatable photos of people to help visitors envision themselves after getting the offer
  • Social proof to back up your brand’s claims
  • Answers to frequently asked questions to reduce objections and friction
  • Compelling, concise copy
  • An explanation of “what to expect” after they have submitted the form

First-rate help from a first-rate Arizona SEO company

Creating and designing lead generating landing pages takes experience. Especially when used for Pay Per Click ads such as Google ads. You will be happy to find, PrimeView’s Arizona SEO services and AZ web design services include LANDING PAGE DESIGN!

Our team of PPC marketers can make landing pages that deliver results and a great ROI for your ad spend. We can design several versions, do you’re A/B testing, and track the results. Let the pros take care of this important element of a PPC campaign. For that matter, let us manage your whole campaign and digital marketing efforts!

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