Do You Really Need a Website?

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: June 18th, 2012 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

I have asked myself that question a lot of times already. I’ve had a couple of personal and corporate websites over the years and I’ve never regretted having them. Having a website, be it for personal use or for business, gives you online presence. It’s like having a house in the web. Online presence makes other people from all over the world see and hear you. This is why I think we all need a website. Especially if you’re a business owner.

It’s global. 

The Internet is global. It reaches people who can’t even understand your language. If you’re selling something, spreading word, or sharing photos of you at a party, a website sure can reach millions of people all over the world. And with the success of social media, sharing stuff over the internet is easier and much safer. Sign up on any social media website, and you get your own personalized website.

It’s cheap and versatile.

How much does it cost nowadays to have a flyer, or a magazine ad, to have printed out? Flyers, magazines, newspapers get thrown out, stomped on the ground, and torn to pieces. You pay a couple of hundred dollars and your message stays alive for about, a couple of hours and it gets stuck on a shelf. A website is relatively cheaper – you can have it online up until you want it to. And, unlike print media, it won’t cost you a dime to have people on the other side of the planet to see it.

And, with today’s unprecedented mobile technology, websites can now be viewed on mobile phones, tablets and screens that fit a toddler’s palm. Websites can stream data to any compatible mobile device and lets you say what you want to say. Scream, rant, laugh, share, and sell all you want, anytime, anywhere – with no extra cost.

It’s manageable.

Content Management Systems, or CMS, have helped the average mom blog about her recipes and quotes while taking care of the kids at home. Countless people, that have no computer or website development experience, have managed to set up their own websites with the help of content management systems. These people were able to sell stuff online or share photos and videos with loved ones. Content can easily be updated, changed or removed. Content management systems have also been recently made available as mobile applications so users can manage their sites on their mobile devices. Print media, once approved and given to the printers, are final. If you have updated messages you want printed out, it gives you additional expense.

It talks back, baby.

Say you’re walking down the street and saw a billboard of a soda advertisement. The sweating soda can looks so refreshing it made you buy one. Score one for the billboard. But, the advertising firm does not know how many points their billboard made. With websites, you can know how many points your web advertisement makes. You can change it to whatever, to whenever, depending on your advertisement’s success. Analytics and reporting not only tracks advertising, it also gives you easy-to-understand reports on website visitors, where they’re from or what device they used to access your site. This gives you the arsenal for more successful advertising campaigns, or it can simply tell you if your personal blog is popular.


So do you really need a website for your business? Talk to us and see if a website is the missing piece of your business puzzle.

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