Unleashing Your SEO Creativity

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: August 17th, 2012 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

Unleashing Your SEO Creativity

Creativity isn’t patented solely by poets, artists and all those mad geniuses screaming Eureka when they find the mathematical solution that can solve the ills of the world. In every aspect of life and pseudo-life, creativity plays an important role in terms of Darwinian evolution, be it a single mother, a fired employee, or even just a company struggling to make it through a single working day.

In the aftereffects of mind-altering changes in Google algorithm, ingenuity is needed now more than ever by SEO. Seemingly shackled by so many guidelines and the undying rumors that the giant search engine’s intention was to actually kill SEO, the industry is now praying to the goddess of inspiration to survive this Big Brother scenario.

The often repeated Chinese quote about crisis and opportunity having the same character may be more metaphoric than literal, but actually it’s true. Necessity is the mother of invention, every cloud has a silver lining and all those rah rah rah quotes.

And so let’s call on our muse so it may unleash our creativity. As what’s been whispered in the dark online alleys of SEO, your saving grace is creative content.

Go for a walk

Unleashing Your SEO CreativityWell, that’s what our literature professors have always told us. A lot of classic writers have often used a walk in the woods to call on their muses. When they’re feeling a little stumped or stifled in their writing room, off they go for a little nature adventure to break the monotony.

But the real point is it’s now time to widen your horizon and do what you don’t normally do. Diversify. Change your work station. Stand up every ten minutes to gaze out the window. Eat more veggies if you’re a meat lover and drink green tea if you’re a coffee person. Go for a walk to discover a different world.

Summon criticism

Unleashing Your SEO Creativity
Sometimes when you’re writing you get too attached to the act that it takes a while for you to disengage from it. Sometimes, with your artistic vanity (admit it, we all have it), you get really, so very attached to your work you think it’s a masterpiece.

But all writing is a first draft until somebody has taken a look at it and gave their honest opinion. And not one masterpiece hasn’t been snipped and trimmed by other people’s detached mind. In short, get opinion from people that knows about the kind of work you do. Talk with them. Brainstorm.

It seemed like a good idea last night

Unleashing Your SEO Creativity
Ever hear people say that? People pronouncing they came up with all these ideas the night before only to find out they sound really ridiculous in the morning. Well, creativity is a numbers game, truth to tell. No idea is a bad idea unless it finally fails. iPad was a really bad idea before it was launched. Critics were saying there’s nothing special about it and contains the same features as the iPhone. So what’s the point?

And what does the iPad mean now in the 21st century? Keep coming up with ideas, silly, moronic, absurd. They aren’t so until they are.

So crisis is the same as opportunity in Chinese and anything goes and desperation is the mother of invention (it was more dire than necessity), we’re now in ground zero. It’s time to crack our creative knuckles and buckle down to rebuilding the world.

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