Planning a Website Design

Is It Time to Redesign Your Business Website?

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Planning a Website Design
There comes a time when your website stops giving you the same results it initially did a decade ago, and maybe you hate it to admit it, but your website may be showing signs of its need for a major makeover.

It can be difficult to decide how and when to undergo a complete website redesign. Redesigning a site does require a great deal of commitment on your end, and trust in those you will hire to handle the virtual presence of your business. All website owners must understand the vitality of keeping up with the latest trends in technology, and how having a website that only drives away traffic can be costly to a business.

All websites should be designed with several factors in mind such as SEO, easy navigation, easy-to-use layout, pleasing aesthetics, social media connections, and content management, just to name a few. Websites can be used for a variety of purposes and no matter how you plan to use your website, an interactive and user-friendly design is of utmost importance in this day and age. If you’re having a difficult time deciding whether or not it’s time for a website redesign, check for these signs the next time you go through your site.

Does your website look distorted on a mobile device?

A website is considered responsive when it can be accessed on multiple platforms, whether it’s on a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. As more and more people are browsing the web using their mobile devices, it has become increasingly important for business websites to cater to the needs of consumers who are using various devices to use the Internet.

When a website is optimized for mobile devices, viewing experience will be affected. The pages will be hard to navigate and even more difficult to read. Imagine using a 5-inch smartphone to browse through a website that is designed for a 14-inch desktop monitor, it would certainly give you a headache just trying to scroll left to right, up and down, and then left to right again to read the content. When your website design strategy doesn’t involve responsiveness, it would be best to start implementing mobile web design solutions as soon as today.

Can your target audience find you online?

Is your website ranking well enough to land on the first page of Google’s search results? If not, then it’s probably not optimized to its maximum capacity. If you couple exceptional website design with local SEO and online ad campaigns, it would be easier to rank high on search engine results pages.

Does it take your website forever to load?

Time is always of the essence, so if your website isn’t loading as fast as visitors expect it to be, you will lose them in a matter of seconds. The idea is to make your website load as quickly as it can or else potential clients will move on to the next website on the search results page. Most successful websites have some things in common, which are simplicity and clarity. A simple layout that is easy to understand and navigate is exactly what captives customers with limited patience but limitless buying power.

Does your website still look like it’s from a different era?

If your website looks like it was developed as a college project in the 1990s, then it might be wise to have it redesigned ASAP. An effective website needs regular updates in order to keep up with constantly changing website design trends and technology. Make sure that your site is not only updated, but also user-friendly. This means changing images, videos, information, and all things content from time to time to keep your site current and relevant.

Is everything working as they should?

Beware of broken links or pages without any content. Customers will not take lightly to being continually faced with problems as they navigate through your website. Images and videos should load seamlessly, while all the contact information should be working and accurate. A clean, organized website can help convert one-time visitors into loyal ones.

Do you have a dedicated page for blogging?

Blogging is important for many reasons. For one, it’s an excellent way for businesses to connect with their customers on a more personal level. Through a blog, you can share whatever you think your audience might find interesting to read. Additionally, blogging is great for SEO. Google favors fresh content on websites, and blogging is the best way to provide this. Blogging is a great tactic to achieve business growth, which is why you should consider incorporating it during your web redesign.

Have your competitors revamped their websites?

We’re not suggesting that you should give your website a new look each time one of your competitors change theirs, but if they make changes that improve their overall rankings and end up pushing you down in searches, it may be a sign to follow their lead and make some major alterations to your website. Maintaining an edge in search shouldn’t be your only priority, but if you’re nowhere near the top of SERPs because competing businesses are keeping you from getting there, analyze what SEO adjustments you can make to your site.

Redesigning your website is a major task that should be approached seriously. If you are thinking about doing a website redesign to increase your overall online presence, any of the examples above are a good enough reason to begin planning for a more up-to-date online presence.

Ready to redesign your website?

When you’re finally ready for a website redesign, be sure to prepare and allocate enough resources. Redesigning a website is an exciting process that will help your business reflect its goals and strategies for the World Wide Web to see, not to mention launching a beautiful, easy-to-navigate site will help your business grow. If you seek help in redesigning your website, don’t hesitate to contact us at 480-970-4688 or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

If your website is a victim of any of these web design inconsistencies, it may be time to give it a much-needed makeover. Call us today at 480-970-4688 to start conceptualizing web design ideas.