Is It Time to Redesign Your Business Website?

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: March 31st, 2014 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

There comes a time when your business website is no longer giving you the results that you want. You can’t pinpoint where it’s failing and can’t decide what to do with it. Use this guide to determine whether you need to invest on website design and development services offered by a web design firm. With millions of people using the internet to look up products and services, where browsing websites is part of their daily lives, you have to have a business website that can compel visitors to browse your website long enough to turn them into customers. First impressions are crucial now more than ever, because web users have very limited patience when it comes to browsing sites. There are so many companies offer the same product or service that when they find your site ineffective or boring, they won’t waste a minute going back to search results pages and look at another.An outstanding website design can help provide a positive user experience, which is a huge factor for turning clicks into sales. Knowing all this, is your website currently equipped with all the right goods that make it an effective marketing channel? If you answered yes to the any of the questions, then you should consider getting your website redesigned by an experienced web design firm before it’s too late. For all you know, visitors are on your site as of this moment, but are leaving the moment they see your site isn’t fully functional or lacking the designs that make it interesting.


Does your website look distorted on a mobile device?

A website is considered responsive when it can be accessed on multiple platforms, whether it is a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. As more and more people are browsing the web using their mobile devices, it has become increasingly important for business websites to cater to the needs of their consumers, who are using various devices to visit their sites.

When a website is optimized for mobile devices, viewing experience will be affected. The pages will be hard to navigate and even more difficult to read. Imagine using a 5-inch smartphone to browse through a website that is designed for a 14-inch desktop monitor, it would certainly give you a headache just trying to scroll left to right, up and down, and then left to right again to read the content. When your website design strategy involves responsiveness, then it would be easier to manage on your part and a joy to view on the users’ part.


Can your target market find you online?

Is your website ranking well enough to land on the first page of Google search results? If not, then it is probably not optimized to its maximum capacity. If you couple exceptional website design with onsite search engine optimization, it would be easier to rank high on search engine results pages.


Does it take your website forever to load?

Time is always of the essence, so if your website isn’t loading as fast as visitors expect it to be, you will lose them in a matter of seconds. The idea is to make your website load as quickly as it can or else potential clients will move on to the next website on the search results page. Most successful websites seem to have some things in common, which are simplicity and clarity. A simple layout that is easy to understand and navigate is just what customers with limited patience but limitless buying power interested.


Does your website look like it’s still from the 1990s?

If your website looks like it was developed as a college project in the 1990s, then it might be wise to have it redesigned ASAP. An effective website needs regular updates in order to keep up with constantly changing website design trends and technology. Make sure that your site is not only updated but also user-friendly. This means changing images from time to time to keep it current, as well as the website copy.


Is everything working as they should?

If there are broken links or pages without any content, beware. Customers will not take them lightly if they are continually faced with these problems as they navigate through your website. Images and videos should load seamlessly, while all the contact information should be working and accurate. A clean, organized website can help make customers frequent site visitors.

Working on web design and development on your own is not recommended especially if you have no background experience. It would be best to leave it to professionals who have a good reputation and offer reasonable prices for their services. Do not hesitate to contact a web design firm to help you with your business website design needs.