Seven Reasons You Need Landing Pages in Paid Search

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: March 1st, 2019 | Updated: July 26th, 2022


Seven Reasons You Need Landing Pages in Paid Search


So you’re doing paid search marketing—that’s very well and good. At a time when the competition for views and interaction with potential and existing customers is at its all-time high, getting a boost where it matters most is the clear way to go. Truth be told, your efforts on pay-per-click (PPC) is often only as good as your landing page. Without the latter, you may be spending on clicks that will never bring conversion or any solid return for your company or brand.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone page—meaning it can be separate from your website—that users “land on” once they click on your ads. Its main purpose is to gather your potential customers’ information or entice them to perform a specific action that’s beneficial to you. Here are some specific reasons they are crucial to your paid search campaign:

1. It helps convert potential into paying customers. When users click on an ad offering a 50% discount on shoes, they do so because they want to obtain the perk you are giving away. They want something from you. If your ad led them to your website, users would most likely end up confused at all the extra details. By using a landing page, you can focus their attention on how they can convert into actual customers. Do you want them to leave you their email address? Do you want them to click on something? The call-to-action on your landing page will say so clearly, so your potential customers know exactly what to do.

2. It helps you gather leads. You can incorporate into your landing page specific information fields that would allow you to capture details about users, whether it’s their name, telephone number, or email address, among other pertinent details.

You can use these details to interact with them through targeted emails, newsletters, and promotions, to name a few. What makes landing pages better than many lead-generation strategies, such as cold calling, is that users’ actions are entirely voluntary.

They wanted something you offered so they gave you their details wholeheartedly. They were not surprised or tricked into doing so. If they do not convert immediately, then you can nurture them so they become actual customers later on.

3. It delivers the information your customers need. Imagine yourself clicking on an ad that promises huge discounts in three easy steps, only to find yourself in a page detailing the company’s history, their advantages over their competition, and a list of all their products. Such an experience would definitely leave you feeling frustrated and a little betrayed. This is how your potential customers would feel if you led to your site once they click on your ad. A landing page will allow you to filter out unnecessary information so that users see only those they need. This way, they are not overwhelmed and are instead focused on what you want them to do.

4. It lets you get to know your market better. Paid search and landing pages can also be used as tools for market research. Testing is one of the most crucial steps in any online marketing effort and by creating variations in the content of both your ads and your landing page, you can ascertain how users respond to specific messages, offers, and even elements of your campaign.

By gauging their response or how well they receive your landing page, you can obtain answers for questions relevant to your business. Do users want more discounts? Do they want other products to go on sale, too? Compared to more proactive methods of research, such as surveys and questionnaires, testing through your landing page gathers organic data because your respondents go to you not to answer your questions, but because they need something from you. What you get is a raw insight into your market’s behavior and tendencies.

5. It lets you determine if your efforts are working. In the world of online marketing, there is no such thing as a single solution for all problems. It is for this reason that you need to test if your methods are working or if you need to tweak them further. By gauging how users behave in your landing pages, you will know if your entire campaign is working as intended.

Are you generating enough traffic? Are you converting enough people? You will also know which parts of the page or which ad copy is generating engagement. Does “Buy Now!” work better than “Purchase Now!” in getting clicks? Does short content work better than long ones? With the right tools connected to your landing page, you can obtain a lot of insights into how effective your campaign is.

6. It allows a better understanding of the funnel. When you have a full grasp of your market’s journey, you can take steps to optimize their experience. By creating different variations of your PPC ads and their corresponding landing page, you can gauge where your customers are in the sales funnel.

You can fashion your landing pages’ content to address your users’ needs, whether they are searching for products or validating their options. By studying how they behave in your landing pages, you’d have a better idea of how you can make their journey easier and more productive for you.

7. It can be used to boost other online endeavors. All factors considered, landing pages can become indispensable tools in any online marketing effort. Whatever insights you learn can be applied to ensure that your next campaigns are more attuned to the needs and nature of your market.

Seven Reasons You Need Landing Pages in Paid Search

Needless to say, this doesn’t mean you’ll discover everything you need the first time, but as you go through your own journey as a marketer, you will gain an even clearer understanding of your market through your landing pages, among others.

Your landing page is a great way to ensure that users are being converted into actual customers through your PPC ads, but it can be a lot more than that. Used properly, it can be a vital tool in creating winning online marketing campaigns that benefit not just you and your brand, but also your prospective and existing customers.

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