PrimeView PPC - Adwords Remarketing Tips

PPC 101

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PrimeView PPC - Adwords Remarketing Tips

Online advertising is an extremely powerful tool, especially if you’re running a business. It’s the easiest way to generate traffic and the fastest way to tell prospects about what you offer and what your website is about.

One of the most effective methods of online advertising is Pay Per Click — a way of buying visits to your website rather than attempting to earn them organically. It’s an exceptional form of advertisement wherein your ads show up on the sponsored links section of major search engines like Google and Yahoo. The best part is, advertisers don’t even have to pay for the ads to appear. They only pay once a user or potential customer clicks on the ad.

All of that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But before you decide to start your own PPC campaign or decide to stick with more traditional marketing methods, let us share with you five facts you should know about PPC.

1. Utilizing PPC is one of the best ways to attract new customers.

It is widely accepted that your current customers are your best and most profitable prospects. But every business needs to acquire new customers to replace one-time customers. Because PPC is so targeted and has so many advertising options, reaching new customers is easier than ever, and with a well-run program, cost-effective.

2. PPC is flexible and allows more targeting than ever before.

With pay per click, you can target locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. You can target or remarket to those who are currently active in search engines and have shown even the slightest bit of interest in your business. There are many options available to support your business goals. It’s also very configurable and adaptive since PPC strategies can be modified in minutes.

3. PPC generates instant traffic.

We often recommend PPC for newly launched websites. Although SEO has long-term benefits and is a great investment for your website in the long run, the results do take months to reflect. On the other hand, PPC gets immediate traffic and helps generate significant sales within weeks after implementation. We recommend using both strategies in parallel because of their complimentary pros and cons.

4. The value of PPC can be proven.

PPC is metrics-based, and numbers don’t lie. With proper set-up, tracking of goals, conversion points, as well as understanding the short and long-term value of PPC leads for your business, we can prove that pay per click works and provides a return on investment.

5. As mentioned, PPC yields high return on investment.

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to generate the highest possible Return On Investment or ROI.

By showcasing your ads in the most relevant online places, your ads are shown to the most specific target market. Since you only pay when your ad gets clicked, it makes it so much easier to manage your costs and calculate your estimated ROI. We understand why people love PPC advertising so much. It’s because it allows them to make the key change in the optimization strategies to improve their campaign’s Quality Score, which in turn, increases the ROI for their PPC campaigns.

6. PPC does not directly affect organic search.

Organic search results and pay-per-click advertisements do not influence one another as they are separate efforts. It has been argued, however, that having a paid ad appear in the top three of the search engine results page, in addition to having an organic listing in the top five gives a website bigger, more significant advantages compared to others. If you are in both places, you must be doing something very right.

7. You are in control of how much you want to spend.

When it comes to PPC, you have full control of how much money you want to spend. It’s nothing like setting up a billboard or posting an ad on newspapers which you pay for in full price without knowing if they actually work. A daily budget is set to a fixed rate you’re comfortable with, and that budget allows sufficient traffic to produce leads or sales for your business. The only possible nightmare associated with PPC is if you entrust it in the wrong hands. Don’t just hire anyone to manage your account and realize that instead of getting results, you wasted thousands of dollars. That won’t happen with PrimeView. We are pros at PPC campaigns, and we’ll constantly fill you in on how well the campaign is working for your website.

What else should you be aware of before starting a PPC campaign?

1. Google AdWords. The most notable PPC advertising system known worldwide is Google AdWords. Due to its massive influence and reach, Google AdWords is crucial to incorporate pay per click into your marketing strategy.

2. Keywords. Google uses keywords to showcase advertisements for AdWords advertisers that match the search queries of consumers. Using the correct keywords is imperative to success because they allow your business to reach the highest quality audience and increase conversions when implemented correctly.

An effective PPC keyword should be (1) relevant, meaning the keywords you bid on should be closely related to what it is you’re offering or selling; (2) exhaustive, meaning your keyword usage should include not only the most frequently searched terms in your niche. You should also use long-tail keywords that are specific and less common, but add up to account for the majority of search-driven traffic. Lastly, a PPC keyword must be (3) expansive, meaning PPC is iterative and you need to regularly refine and expand your campaigns, and create an environment in which your keyword list is constantly growing and adapting.

3. Negative Keywords. To improve the overall quality of a PPC campaign, negative keywords are added to increase the effectiveness of relevancy in search results. Negative keywords also help in saving money by streamlining your campaign.

Start Your PPC Campaign Today

In the marketing world, Pay Per Click or PPC is critical to success. We at PrimeView have a dedicated PPC team that will safeguard you against common PPC mistakes; provide their experienced insight and much more. Our company has created various PPC packages at different price points so you can choose the one that best fits your company’s needs and maximize the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. Explore the possibilities and Call us at 480-970-4688 to request a free quote.