The Power of Words: Content for Content Writing

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: July 2nd, 2012 | Updated: July 24th, 2019

Someone once said that written words are words that stay. What that saying was referring to were printed and handwritten words but this is just as applicable to words that are virtually written on the Internet. This is because just like books and printed media, virtually written words span time and cross oceans. And they travel across the globe in just seconds. Virtually written word is what is commonly known as content writing in the SEO world. The saying just goes to show how powerful words are. Whether on print or content writing, words have as much impact as the images on the website and the uniqueness of its technology or web design. It’s true that the human eyes are initially drawn to images but it’s the words that subconsciously stay on the mind long after a person has left the site. And this is why it’s important to give substance to what you put in your content.

Readers are now Skimmers.

A visitor’s first instinct is just to scan the text and not completely read it. It’s the virtual world. Everything has to happen fast. And nobody stays long in one place. But there are instances when the content is just so meaty that they stay on for the whole program. You’ve hooked a potential repeat visitor to your site when this happens.

Easy Reading

The most critical values of content writing are that it has to be direct, clear and simple. Forget the poetry you’ve learned in college. Neither do you need the philosophical-like style of writing where nothing can be understood. You have to say what you want to say and get on with it. Being academic in your writings is also a big turn-off in content writing. Even if your target market is the academe, these intellectuals also have the same habits as any Internet surfer. That is: when it comes to a website, easy reading is best.

Watch your Tone Youngman!

Focusing on your target market is where the tone of your content writing comes in. So say your target market is the academe, there has to be seriousness to the voice of your writing. And say your target market is the tweens and the teens, the writing has to sound perky. And if your readers are mothers, well you get our drift.

Why do people read?

Other than the virtues of entertainment, it’s to gain information. Usefulness is one of the keys of good, if not, great content writing. The Internet has replaced the 20 volume encyclopedias lining bookshelves. If you want traffic for your website, you have to provide good, useful information that they were searching for. Being knowledgeable about your topic is central. And how can one be certainly knowledgeable about your content? The oldest rule in the book of writing is to always research what you don’t know. Or on Internet-speak: Google it.

Last, and this is just a tip, put a little humor into your writing. Wit is always a good thing whether in writing or in life.

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