Page-Loading Time: Is it really important?

Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: November 19th, 2012 | Updated: July 26th, 2022

Web Page Loading Time
Have you ever been on the phone and needed important information on a website and it just took too damn long to load? Well, not exactly that scenario, but the same thing. It isn’t just your internet. There are a lot of times that it has to do with how the website was made as well. Good web designers know that this is an important factor when creating websites. But what are the factors that make a difference in a website’s loading time? Here are a few you should check out when having your website made:

Photos and videos:

Pictures add color and visuals to your website. But too many photos will add precious seconds to your website’s loading time. If your website needs to display a lot of images, then try optimizing file size. Uploading it directly from the camera (especially if you have one of those expensive ones that have high megapixels), isn’t a good idea since they put out huge pictures. The bigger the file size, the longer it takes for the browser to display it since it downloads it from the server. The more pictures and videos you have, the more it takes for the browser to download. Remember to optimize your images. Use photo-editing software to save to medium-high quality JPEG settings. High-quality images that use transparency also add to the bulk of the file size. Ask yourself if you really need transparent images, if not, go for the JPEG.

Large documents:

Office documents such as Microsoft Word and PDFs aren’t usually used on websites, but when they are, be sure that they do not have large file sizes.

Web-safe fonts: 

We’ve seen a lot of good-looking websites that attribute their nice looks to excellent use of typography. But there are a few who used images because they were too lazy to look for web-safe fonts. Again, even if these images don’t eat up a lot of space, they still do. Why use images if you can use proper text? That would help in page-load times, and SEO! But really, are all of these really important? You could say that you have fast internet and websites, no matter how bad they’re set up, still load in a second. Well, that’s definitely okay if you don’t own a website. But if you do, it sure makes a difference. Websites are global media and people from around the world can see it. How sure are you that these people, potential business clients, have fast internet too?

If your visitors are pleased with your website, they will recommend it to their friends, and their friends and so on. But if they’re disappointed, trust me, they will also recommend not to visit. So yeah, page-loading time is important. It surely will help with how your website performs as a tool for your business.

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